Thursday, January 05, 2023

Larwyn’s Linx: NASA Chief Warns of Consequences if China Wins Race to Moon

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 • NASA Chief Warns of Consequences if China Wins Race to Moon LI
 • Did Someone or Something Seize Control of the United States? Victor Davis Hanson
 • 2020 Redux? Left-Wing Group Doles Out Millions in Grants in Familiar Scheme Fred Lucas
 • Enough’s Enough. It’s Time to Take Back Our Streets From Criminals. Armstrong Williams
 • A Little Rebellion in House Speaker’s Race Is Good Thing Jarrett Stepman
 • President Biden says he plans to visit the southern border for the first time John Sexton
 • NYPD Misleading Public About the Motives of Times Square Machete Attacker Robert Spencer
 • Arrests made in Washington power grid attack Jazz Shaw
 • NY red flag law ruled unconstitutional AMN


 • EU crisis: When baking that baguette costs too much dough Beege
 • Illinois ranks second in top move-out states in study Corli Jay
 • SF-based Gap announces plans to cut even more office space Amanda Bartlett

Scandal Central

 • Retired FBI boss says agency has lost independence, been co-opted by liberal DOJ ideologues John Solomon
 • That time a sitting congressman demanded that a journalist be silenced -- and the media ignored it Ed Morrissey
 • Capsule Summaries of all Twitter Files Threads to Date, With Links and a Glossary Matt Taibbi


 • It's Not Hard to Figure Out Why Tucker Carlson Torched Ronna McDaniel Matt Vespa
 • Andrew Tate's cars seized, his 'angels' arrested, plus two women describe his 'loverboy' recruiting John Sexton
 • Shoe Brand Crocs Sponsors Drag Fashion Show With Kids Signal


 • China's rapid nuclear buildup makes use of stolen U.S. technology Times
 • Why Palestinians Want to Slaughter Jewish Worshippers Bassam Tawil
 • America’s New Cold War in Africa Consortium

Sci-Tech (courtesy BadBlue Tech News)

 • How the left rejected genetics Jazz Shaw
 • Life Might Be Found on One of Saturn’s Moons Without a Spacecraft Even Needing to Land GNN
 • Bomb cyclone forecast to pound Calif. beaches with waves up to 30 feet tall Amy Graff


 • Boston Red Sox Delay on Devers Signing Costs Him $760,000 In New Mass. State Tax Sportico
 • Times Square Assailant Says He Attacked Police Because US Supports Israel WFB
 • Whoohoo ... It's Libturd Thursday ~ 1 Woodsterman

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