Wednesday, January 25, 2023

My Top Three Pages That Google De-monetized For Non-Woke Reporting

I love the emails I get from Google. Not just the invoices, also the ones with the subject heading of Your AdSense Publisher Policy Violation Report. These are complaints about my content, with only cryptic, anonymous and non-debatable notices of "violations" that turn off the $3 a day we receive in ad revenue.

For your entertainment, please review the following items -- and Google's stated reason for de-monetizing them -- and let me know where the real violations lie.

Google Violation: "Dangerous or derogatory content"

Direct URL:


Google: Dangerous or derogatory content

Reality: Factual content about ISIS and the Washington Post's hagiography of an ISIS terrorist.

Google: Unreliable and harmful claims

Direct URL:

Larwyn’s Linx: Obama muscled Zuckerberg to censor Trump -- and made an example of him

Google: Unreliable and harmful claims

Reality: Links to reliable, attributed, and non-harmful news stories

Google: Unreliable and harmful claims

Direct URL:

INFOGRAPHIC: The Shocking Allegations of Mass Vote Fraud Made by Sidney Powell in Georgia

Google: Unreliable and harmful claims

Reality: Summarizes legal filings related to alleged 2020 President election skullduggery and irregularities


And, no $GOOG, I'm not removing this content, you tyrannnical A-holes. Delete them yourself.

Please leave a comment: what are the real violations here?


Mark of the Glen said...

The most important thing that people need to know now in America is the names and the faces of the people who are actually responsible for suppressing the truth at Google, Twitter, Facebook, AT&T, Optimum, T-Mobile, and Verizon. Americans, and particularly Congress, should know who the exact people who are undermining our Republic are. Time to out the evil!

commoncents said...

BOOM! Kevin McCarthy Just UNLEASHED On a Reporter Asking About Adam Schiff Being Off The Intel Committee (Video)

Anonymous said...

RE: Google AdSense demonetizes WeaselZippers

Please leave a comment: what are the real violations here?

I wish I could sympathize with your situation, Drew...but I can't.
Why? Because at least Google provided you with explanation and justification, and I suspect even legal recourse. And, while I'm not fond of monopolies - even natural ones - I respect Alphabet for that.

They provided more of a response than I received from you when I suddenly discovered I was banned from commenting on WZ.

IMHO there's an apparent hypocrisy by conservative sites I read and support: They bemoan the power large Web 2.0 firms have to unilaterally control the First Amendment while those sites show the same - and in some cases even more - intolerance to speech by providing no warning, no explanation, no justification, and, by extension, no recourse. So, know you're not the exception, if that's any consolation.

And that hypocrisy is the REAL violation here, Drew. Not three postings Google didn't like.

I'm planning to pose this apparent hypocrisy as a rhetorical on my blog...which, BTW, I don't need to monetize ;-) Please excuse me if I use you as an example.

Finally, good luck with your transition to Substack. I mean that 100% snark free.

Anonymous, because I don't want this comment to be "Detected as spam" or "Removed".

Anonymous said...


Apologies for my last comment, I directed my frustration at the wrong target.
I suspect you've already figured out who the actual target is, it's not you: His Google AdSense account was also demonetized, he's blogged about it, and, he's a bit upset.

While my observation on the hypocrisy of Conservative sites still stands you're not part of that problem, I've had no problems commenting on your (excellent) site - a site I've been visiting since almost its' inception. Don't want to be on your naughty list.

Once again, maxima mea culpa. And, good luck with your battle with Google and your transition to Substack.


Anonymous said...

Telling the truth

Brian said...

I found a wonderful video the other night.

It asks the question, What is the level of your obedience?

Are you willing to pay 50% of your money in taxes? Are you willing to take an experimental clot shot? Are you willing to continue to fund an out of control, corrupt government? Are you willing to eat bugs? Lick the boots of the corporatocracy?

I'm glad you are giving the finger to Google. You did nothing wrong.

It's high time we bring the fight to these assholes. I've had enough. Good people break bad laws. Excellent 8 minute vid at this length. Worth the copy and paste.

Frankenstein Government

Diogenes Sarcastica™ said...

Don't have any Google ads on my site, but they have taken down a few post with no prior warning. Strange thing was they were all old post from as far back as 2020. I cussed and threated to assassinate the neighbors cat and they relented on all but 2 post.

I just reposted those two.

cfs said...

"Thou shall not tell the truth about the lies of the left"

That is the major rule that conservative media must learn in reporting.