Sunday, January 01, 2023

Larwyn’s Linx: Finding inspiration for the new year

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 • Finding inspiration for the new year Liberty & Prosperity
 • 2022, Perhaps the Apex Year for an Era of Pretending CTH
 • Democrat Senator Cardin: “Hate” Speech is Not Protected by First Amendment Turley
 • Joe Rogan - The One Year Anniversary Robert W. Malone M.D.
 • Pelosi Reaches Into Taxpayer Pockets On Her Way Out as Speaker Amanda Green
 • GOP Governor Ditches Degree Requirements for Most Government Jobs Alex Parker
 • Ginni Thomas Read Jan 6 Committee The Riot Act Nina Bookout
 • Government by Gimmick Won't Last J.B. Shurk
 • Democrats May Regret Releasing Trump’s Taxes LI


 • Symptoms Of Global Warming And Global Cooling Are Identical Tony Heller
 • My Energy Story Alex Epstein
 • Neil Oliver, Leaders Bringing Groundhog Day This New Year CTH

Scandal Central

 • Systemic Racism in College Campuses The Rabbit Hole
 • Texas Supreme Court condemns boy to trans treatment in California David Strom
 • Award-winning broadcaster suspended for speaking the truth during a college bowl sportscast Karen Townsend


 • Elon Musk To Media: Info Coming Out of Twitter Has ‘Only Just Begun’ LI
 • George Soros has an enormous, dangerous reach in the American media John Dale Dunn
 • Christiane Amanpour Attacks Jews’ “Morality” CAMERA


 • Is the UK Turning into Something Extremely Different? Mohshin Habib
 • The Top Five Geostrategic Developments In Africa Last Year Andrew Korybko
 • State Department fails to condemn Abbas for glorifying Palestinian terrorism JNS

Sci-Tech (courtesy BadBlue Tech News)

 • Red meat is not a health risk. New study slams years of shoddy research BigThink
 • Idaho Murder Suspect Identified, in Part, by DNA Search of Public Genetic Genealogy Database CTH
 • Appeals Court Upholds Florida High School “Separating School Bathrooms Based on Biological Sex” LI


 • Toxic masculinity strikes again: Man who saved 24 stranded motorists in Buffalo snowstorm identified Monica Showalter
 • Adios, 2022—Only 1 in 3 Americans Had 'Great' Year, but 57 Percent Predict a Better 2023 RS
 • A New Year Awaits CTH

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