Monday, January 30, 2023

Larwyn’s Linx: The Left Is Fueling a New Racism

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 • The Left Is Fueling a New Racism Terry Paulson
 • If Dianne Feinstein is cognitively unfit to serve, why is she still a senator? John Ruberry
 • The story behind the Twitter files Free Press
 • The Real Differences Between Biden and Trump Document Troves Victor Davis Hanson
 • Radical Activists Illegally Protest Outside Amy Coney Barrett's Home Mary Margaret Olohan
 • Are 'The Walls Closing In' on Joe Biden? New Details Raise Questions Matt Margolis
 • Anarchy, American-Style Victor Davis Hanson
 • More proof that the reparations hustle is all about greed and inciting race war Thomas Lifson
 • Classified Documents Are A Potential Trap For Anyone Who Crosses Deep State Federalist


 • The Fed Is Punishing Americans for the Problems It Created. It's Time to Rein It In. EJ Antoni
 • Yellen sweating the debt ceiling Examiner
 • Canadian deputy prime minister says the American middle class needs a pay cut Eric Utter

Scandal Central

 • Secret Decoder, Pfizer Legal Document Robert W Malone MD, MS
 • SSCI Chair Warner and Vice-Chair Rubio Give Perspectives on Classified Docs CTH
 • Alliance of Big Tech, Dark Money Groups Partners With Counties in State That Bans ‘Zuckerbucks’ for Elections Fred Lucas


 • Sunday Talks, Speaker Kevin McCarthy -vs- Margaret Brennan CTH
 • Tech CEO pats himself on back for preventing election of 'right-wing governments' in Europe Monica Showalter
 • Georgia police officer put on leave over social media post defending natural marriage Wintery Knight


 • British army Psyops battalion monitored UK citizens David Strom
 • Taliban ban Afghan girls from taking entrance exam for universities Karen Townsend
 • Five ways to kill an aircraft carrier Robert Farley

Sci-Tech (courtesy BadBlue Tech News)

 • Pfizer Issues a Doublespeak Non-Denial Denial of Directed Evolution M. Dowling
 • FDA quietly changes end date of heart inflammation study ET
 • Mossad carried out Iran defense facility strike for Israel’s own interests — report TOI


 • Macron leading the way on entitlement reform? David Williams
 • Tracking a Fraudulent Ballot in Real Time Jay Valentine
 • Sunday Smiles David Strom

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