Tuesday, January 31, 2023

Larwyn’s Linx: Biden’s Crude Oil Supply Raid Has Plunged America Into Crisis

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 • Biden’s Crude Oil Supply Raid Has Plunged America Into Crisis DC
 • Tucker Carlson Concerned: Food Production Is a National Security Issue CTH
 • Migrants refuse to leave NYC hotel for relocation to Brooklyn Karen Townsend
 • California's plan to power EVs has one glaring shortcoming Jazz Shaw
 • Lori Lightfoot slammed for dancing in street as crime surges in Chicago: 'Deeply troubling' Fox
 • Biden poll numbers are more abysmal than you think David Strom
 • Federal Judge Partially Restrains NJ’s ‘Unconstitutional’ CCW Law For Second Time DC
 • House GOP set to rev engine with first investigatory hearings The Shill
 • Is Donald Trump Worth The Fight? Vince Coyner


 • What Another Fed Interest Rate Hike Means For You DC
 • Get ready for the coming fertilizer shortage apocalypse LidBlog
 • Your Taxes Paid Thousands Of Government Staff Covid Unemployment While They Worked From Home Jordan Boyd

Scandal Central

 • The Astounding Saga Of Hamilton 68 Illustrates Scope Of America’s Institutional Rot Federalist
 • Surprise, Surprise: “Ongoing Special Counsel” Probe Used To Avoid Oversight CTH
 • Tyre Nichols Isn’t the Only Victim Entitled to the Truth Julie Kelly


 • Peterson announces alternative forum to WEF TCS
 • Mark Levin: The left wants to control how your kids think Fox
 • George Santos: Legend Kurt Schlichter


 • Aid Worker/Mercenary in Ukraine Gives Different Account of War, Russian Success Against Western Alliance CTH
 • Ukraine receiving 60 Bradley fighting vehicles after fleet departs South Carolina Fox
 • Russian-Iranian Axis: Biden Administration Missing in Action? Judith Bergman

Sci-Tech (courtesy BadBlue Tech News)

 • China’s military unveils heads-up display to let soldiers shoot around corners Jared Keller
 • FAA Press Office: No investigations into pilot death/disability caused by the COVID vaccines Steve Kirsch
 • Slandered and Bullied R.W. Malone MD


 • When death comes for bloggers New Neo
 • CNNs ratings hit a new low and Don Lemon is frustrated John Sexton
 • Tuesday is a Skipism Waiting to Scream ~ 1 Woodsterman

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