Sunday, January 29, 2023

Larwyn’s Linx: IC Very Worried About House Probe of Government Weaponization

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 • IC Very Worried About House Probe of Government Weaponization CTH
 • There Is Nothing Democrats Won’t Destroy Derek Hunter
 • Manchin Says He’s Baffled Why ‘Reasonable’ Biden Won’t Negotiate On Debt Ceiling DC
 • Biden's Parole Program: Migrant families rush Miami airport after GOP lawsuit Fox
 • Oops: The new CBPOne system is "saturated and it’s chaos" Karen Townsend
 • As Refugees Flood Into U.S., Chinese Christians Told To Wait Susan Crabtree
 • Straight Talk on the Latest Riots Clarice Feldman
 • Justice for John Eastman Roger Kimball
 • The Republican Party Remains a Useless, Spineless Husk RS


 • Prostitution and Human Trafficking Are Exploding in Los Angeles Abigail Shrier
 • We need a free market in education FEE
 • Firefighters Continue to Assess Damage After Large Fire at Bozrah Egg Farm NBC-CT

Scandal Central

 • Twitter File Release #15 – Hamilton 68 Group Labels Counter Opinions “Russians” CTH
 • Hamilton 68: Brief Addendum Matt Taibbi
 • Pfizer issues response to Project Veritas sting video, but critics characterize its statement as ambiguous Blaze


 • Ex-Time reporter: The day I knew journalism had died in America Kenneth R. Timmerman (8/22)
 • White people need to ‘work’ on their ‘whiteness’: sociologist Matt Lamb
 • Google warning viewers about watching Jesse Watters on Fox News Ed Lasky


 • From tanks for Ukraine to F-16s in... how long? Jazz Shaw
 • Air Force General Predicts U.S. Will Be At War With China In 2025: ‘I Hope I Am Wrong’ GWP
 • Armed drones strike Iranian defense ‘workshop’ in Isfahan TOI

Sci-Tech (courtesy BadBlue Tech News)

 • It’s not just your gas stove their coming for Flag & Cross
 • Asteroid's sudden flyby shows blind spot in planetary threat detection Joey Roulette
 • NOAA satellites track hurricanes — and hundreds of missing people sending SOS signals Dinah Voyles Pulver


 • Is This Why Harmeet Dhillon Fell Short in RNC Chair Race? Matt Vespa
 • The Name In The Stone American Digest
 • Yes Or No Feral Irishman

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