Tuesday, January 24, 2023

Top 20 Tweets Tonight: Arizona ER and Maternity Wards Filled With Illegal Aliens, Blocking Medical Care For U.S. Citizens

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Curated by BadBlue News, 24 x 7 uncensored news. Follow us on Twitter @directorblue.


MMinWA said...

The 2020 voter fraud in PA in 2020 was massive and both sides were party to it. It is detailed in the book, The Parallel Election. Trump went from 700,000+ up before the count was stopped, to losing by ~60,000. yeah, that's believable.

Mastriono, then some kind of PA official and the 2022 R governor contender, headed to DC after the 2020 election to detail the fraud and decertify the count.

The authors of the book contacted him, offering proof including photographs of the infamous Philadelphia counting building hijinx. He gladly welcomed it(yeah) then blew them off.

I knew that he would never win that race in 2022, he was just a front man. In the book you learn that every one elected to any office in PA is beholden. From dog catcher to Gov., when TPTB call in a favor, you fucking deliver.

commoncents said...

New Univ of GA poll sheds light on GA 2022 Election - Good news for ease of voting and election integrity!