Saturday, February 18, 2023

Larwyn’s Linx: Biden Tells Blacks That White Americans Want to Lynch Them in Racially Charged Rant

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 • Biden Tells Blacks That White Americans Want to Lynch Them in Racially Charged Rant FirstTV
 • White House explains why it turned down disaster relief for Ohio Fox
 • Hours After Trump Announces Upcoming Visit to East Palestine, FEMA Reverses Course CTH
 • Democrats Have No Good Option for 2024 | Opinion Josh Hammer
 • What happened to the story of the two murdered NJ councilmen? David Strom
 • The Fetterman Blues Scott Johnson
 • Harris: US formally determined Russia has committed crimes against humanity The Shill
 • U.S. Military Recovers Chinese Surveillance Balloon; FBI “Investigating” CTH
 • High-paying trade jobs sit empty even as college degrees drop in value CollegeFix


 • Riots erupt in Nigerian cities as Digital Currency push leads to scarcity of cash Guardian
 • The Digital Pound: Help Us Move To a Social Credit Score In England Bank Of England
 • Biden's Labor Market: 1.9M Fewer Americans Working, 2M Foreign Workers Funneled into U.S. Jobs Breitbart

Scandal Central

 • Did Australia Hide Deadly Batches of Pfizer's COVID Vaccine? Emerald Robinson
 • House Republicans Demand Answers from Biden Officials on Botched Afghanistan Withdrawal NRO
 • Navy drops physical fitness requirement, offers travel for abortions Jazz Shaw


 • The 1619 Project is still wrong about the Revolutionary War John Sexton
 • Canada Proposes Just Euthanizing Everyone Daniel Greenfield
 • Keith Olbermann calls for economic war against the Red states David Strom


 • Israeli-owned tanker reportedly attacked by Iranian drones in Arabian Sea TOI
 • Democrats and Republicans write to Biden demanding he send F-16 jets to Ukraine Daily Mail
 • It Never Ends – Joe Biden Extends 2011 National Security Emergency over Libya Through 2023 CTH

Sci-Tech (courtesy BadBlue Tech News)

 • Now they tell us: Immunity acquired from a Covid infection is as protective as vaccination NBS News
 • US Air Force Grounds Fleet of Planes Because Their Tails Could Fall Off Mid-Air ET
 • Drone footage reveals devastation of earthquake in northwest Syria EuroNews


 • Caturday Reflections MOTUS
 • Did You Take Viagra Last Night? Feral Irishman
 • The Week in Pictures: Balloon Payment Edition Power Line

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