Saturday, February 11, 2023

Larwyn’s Linx: The Most Dangerous Man In America

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 • The Most Dangerous Man In America TPI
 • 'High-altitude object' shot down over Alaska, days after China balloon incident Christian Datoc
 • 'Unconstitutional Election Meddling': Watch Stefanik Expose FBI, DOJ, and Twitter Hannity
 • Seven takeaways from the House GOP's first 'weaponization' hearing Sarah Westwood
 • Daily Signal Demands Documents on FBI Targeting ‘Radical Traditional Catholics’ Tyler O'Neil
 • Tulsi Gabbard Rips Mitt Romney Apart During Hearing RS
 • 2035: the end of civilisation The Critic
 • Another Study Refutes Left’s False Claims Against Voter ID Hans von Spakovsky
 • Knives out edition: Is it Fetterman's turn under the bus? Beege


 • Biden’s Fractured Economic Policy Fairy Tales David Harsanyi
 • Biden Administration Colluding With Corporate Censors To Blacklist Dissidents Tristan Justice
 • 'They Could Literally Starve Us': Republicans Push To Ban China From Purchasing US Farmland WFB

Scandal Central

 • Closing In on the Classified Cover-up Lee Smith
 • BLM “organizer” on FBl payroll distributed guns, urged activists to become more militant Intercept
 • Gaetz compares ‘ludicrous’ FBI use of lobbyists to Biden teaching cognition class Heather Hamilton


 • CNN Remains Unreliable Source on Conservatives Being Censored by Big Tech Tim Graham
 • Musk Advisor States Elon Musk Had “No Idea” the Level of Government Control and Influence Over Twitter CTH
 • Americans Reject Divisive Political Displays at the Super Bowl Elizabeth Troutman


 • Two Dead, Including 6-Year-Old, After Terrorist Crashes Car Into Bus Stop In Jerusalem DC
 • Where is the moral outrage about Britain’s grooming gangs? Ed West
 • The bloody death of a liberal dream in Sweden Daily Mail

Sci-Tech (courtesy BadBlue Tech News)

 • Covid jab is now an official part of CDC's vax schedule for kids as young as 6 MONTHS OLD NTB
 • Baltimore: not one student at these 23 schools can do math at grade level David Strom
 • So we shot down a UFO over Alaska yesterday Jazz Shaw


 • Record $2.04B Powerball jackpot remains unclaimed: What if the winner never comes forward? The Shill
 • Quick Hits Of Wisdom, Knowledge And Snark #950 90 Miles
 • The Week in Pictures: State of the Eww Edition Power Line

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