Wednesday, February 01, 2023

Larwyn’s Linx: What in the Hell Is the Penn Biden Center?

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 • What in the Hell Is the Penn Biden Center? Paul Kengor
 • Biden Continues Playing Politics with COVID Emergency CTH
 • 6 Places Investigators Should Search for More Biden Classified Documents Fred Lucas
 • Rep. Biggs to Unveil Impeachment Articles Against DHS Secretary Mayorkas Carter
 • Musk blows off Dems in first Capitol tour as Twitter CEO Politishmo
 • Biden Admin Caves To Congress, Will Allow Border Patrol Chiefs To Testify DW
 • Washington Post editorial board: Migrants are gaming the asylum system John Sexton
 • McConnell's scorching response to Biden's choice of judicial nominee is perfect Karen Townsend
 • Fetterman and the Stolen Valor of the Working Class Richard Shinder


 • Biden Admin Blocks Mining Of Massive Ore Deposit As It Pushes Copper-Heavy EVs, Wind Turbines DC
 • Gavin Newsom’s ‘Freedom State’ Edward Ring
 • Here’s How the Federal Government Is Funding Antisemitism With Your Tax Dollars Jason Bedrick

Scandal Central

 • Why US establishment politicians are sending tanks, jets, weapons and $100+ billion to Ukraine Clandestine
 • Biden’s China Spy Scandal Lloyd Billingsley
 • Forbes Hit Piece on Project Veritas is Written By a Scientist Funded by... Guess Who!? Raheem Kassam


 • Salon Comes Out in Defense of Groomers, Because of Course They Do Stephen Green
 • Trump's Creepy Obsession With DeSantis Is Eerily Familiar Stephen Kruiser
 • “You People” Is an Offensive, Unfunny Mess Scrolling With Sophie


 • Biden Sending Another $2.2 Billion in Weapons to Ukraine CTH
 • Russia's economic picture is looking up thanks to allies John Sexton
 • France Erupts Against Macron’s Pension Plan Consortium

Sci-Tech (courtesy BadBlue Tech News)

 • The next chapter in my own personal blacklisting story Robert Zimmerman
 • Nina Turner, driving force behind restaurant automation John Sexton
 • Hackers Abused Microsoft's "Verified Publisher" OAuth Apps to Breach Corporate Email Accounts Hacker News


 • The 2024 GOPe Roadmap Appears Modified to Use Republican Governors Association CTH
 • Site Note CTH
 • Some MEMES To Take Us Into February… Feral Irishman


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