Monday, February 20, 2023

Larwyn’s Linx: Dem Rep Handed Out Congressional Awards To Chinese Influence Operators

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 • Dem Rep Handed Out Congressional Awards To Chinese Influence Operators DC
 • Blinken "warns" China about aid to Russia. It doesn't go well Jazz Shaw
 • Another Study Refutes Left’s Lies About Voter ID and Secure Elections Hans von Spakovsky
 • Kavanuagh Rape Accuser Confesses She Lied, Never Even Met The Man TBR
 • Stacey Abrams Charity Has a $500,000 Problem In Its Latest Tax Filing Free Beacon
 • America’s Black Male Conundrum Steve Sailer
 • What to do about our ruling class monoculture Glenn Reynolds
 • Cincinnati, Northern Kentucky Shut Down Water Intakes After Train Derailment Daniel Chaitin
 • Oakland Airport halts flights due to power outage; 9,000 without power in Bay Area Daily Mail


 • America has its secretary of silly walks, Pete Buttigieg John Ruberry
 • Four Hypotheses About the Secular-Corporatist Global Elite Daily Sceptic
 • Minneapolis Fed President Kashkari Admits Goal is to Shrink Economy to Meet Suicidal “Green Energy’ Goals CTH

Scandal Central

 • The West's Betrayal of Freedom Matt Taibbi
 • Unearthed Emails Show Rachel Levine Discussing ‘Potential Revenue’ From Child Sex Change Procedures DC
 • Georgia Grand Jury’s Report Is Garbage Because Fulton County D.A. Fed Them Garbage To ‘Get Trump’ Margot Cleveland


 • LA Times Asks: ‘What’s the Matter With Portland?’ Answer: Leftist Ideology. Jarrett Stepman
 • The Woke Media Erupts After a Republican Senator Questions a Transgender Pharmacist Sarah Arnold
 • Facebook and Instagram are testing selling you blue checks for $12 a month Verge


 • Children in Palestinian kindergarten filmed play-acting jihad, killing Israeli soldiers JW
 • Iran's Military at the Panama Canal: Significant National Security Threat Majid Rafizadeh
 • US envoy Nides: Israel ‘can do whatever they need’ on Iran, ‘and we’ve got their back’ TOI
 • Biden Makes Surprise Visit to Ukraine on Anniversary of Russian Invasion NRO
 • Sweden: 900 children abducted in 2021 and 2022, nearly half taken to Iraq and Somalia JW
 • London Violence: Five arrested after Ashford schoolgirl hurt in racial attack BBC

Sci-Tech (courtesy BadBlue Tech News)

 • Will A.I. Ever Be Conscious? Robert Lanza M.D.
 • C'mon, FBI. Just admit you stole the civil war gold Jazz Shaw
 • Balancing act: AI-powered superhuman robo-boots coming soon IntEng


 • The Week That Perished TakiMag
 • Presidents Day Reflections on George Washington’s American Character Brenda Hafera
 • Awww Monday Woodsterman Style ~ 391 A Woodsterman

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