Tuesday, February 14, 2023

Larwyn’s Linx: State Department Funded Foreign Think Tank Working To Censor Americans

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 • State Department Funded Foreign Think Tank Working To Censor Americans DC
 • Why Republicans and Black People Should Be Pro-Choice and Support Abortions Dom Lucre | Breaker of Narratives
 • Firm Behind Train Derailment Publishes Cancer-Causing Substances Released Ben Zeisloft
 • The Vanishing Moral Roots of the U.S. Founding E. Jeffrey Ludwig
 • Democrats want to impose a code of conduct on SCOTUS Jazz Shaw
 • What the New Document Dump Says About Biden’s VP Papers Fred Lucas
 • "Get The Hell Out Of There" - Ohio's Apocalyptic Chemical Disaster Rages On ZH
 • SF DA wants sanctuary city exemption for two aliens guilty of 'unspeakable crimes' John Sexton
 • NYC Sent the Fingerprints of Unvaccinated Employees to FBI for Tracking and Registration CTH


 • Banning Chinese Citizens, Entities From Buying US Farmland Should Be Bipartisan Issue Cal Thomas
 • Bizarre: College Board accuses DeSantis administration of slander David Strom
 • Government’s Divisive Racial Categories in Census Should Put Conservatives on Notice Mike Gonzalez

Scandal Central

 • Matt Taibbi: "Twitter Files" Reveal The Structure Of The Relationship Between Social Media Companies And FBI Requests For Censorship RCP
 • 4 Ways Church Committee Precedent of 1970s Could Guide House's Probe of ‘Weaponized’ Agencies Fred Lucas
 • James Clapper hit Politico for distorting his infamous letter on the Hunter Biden laptop Fox


 • Disinformation Inc: Microsoft removes conservative sites from blacklist 'defunding' outlets Gabe Kaminsky
 • A real blacklist designed to choke ad profits from conservative and legitimate news organizations Robert Zimmerman
 • Axios Story on Abortion Pills Describes Ending Unborn Life as ‘Care’ Elizabeth Troutman


 • Defense Expert Provides Chilling Insight Into US-China Relations After Spy Balloon Incident Samantha Aschieris
 • Philippines Coast Guard Accuses China of Blinding Crew With ‘Military-Grade’ Laser Time
 • The short lives of former Russian prisoners used as cannon fodder in Ukraine John Sexton

Sci-Tech (courtesy BadBlue Tech News)

 • Delayed Reaction: Nuclear power mounts a comeback, but obstacles remain. James B. Meigs
 • Irony: Might AI replace many people in Hollywood? Jazz Shaw
 • East Palestine, Ohio residents demand urgent testing after toxic train wreck Daily Mail


 • Responding to Tragedy in Turkey: How to Aid Earthquake Disaster-Relief Efforts James Carafano
 • Great Guy Hal Sent some Halisms ~ 1 Woodsterman
 • Hmmm... 4 years ago.... Feral Irishman

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