Friday, February 10, 2023

Larwyn’s Linx: State Dept. Funded ‘Disinformation’ Research Firm Said to Blacklist Conservative Sites

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 • State Dept. Funded ‘Disinformation’ Research Firm Said to Blacklist Conservative Sites DC
 • FBI To Retract Catholic Infiltration Memo, Conduct Internal Review DC
 • Cuomo: southern states were right about immigration David Strom
 • Top 10 Questions Covid Commission Must Probe About U.S. Pandemic Response Federalist
 • Second Republican New Jersey Lawmaker Shot Dead Within a Week Josh Christenson
 • Actually, Mr. President, the Equality Act harms women and children Emma Water
 • DOJ Responds After Jim Jordan Hits Garland, Wray With Subpoenas Sarah Arnold
 • Smithsonian Is About to Get a Brutal Lesson in Constitutional Rights Matt Vespa
 • Americans Didn't Tune in for State of the Union Address Rebecca Downs


 • Americans' personal finances worst since the Great Recession Gallup
 • American Business And Chinese Money BattleSwarm
 • Internet shreds Biden’s IRS plan to target workers' tips: '...take down the rich waitresses' Joe Silverstein

Scandal Central

 • ‘You Won’t Say No’: GOP Rep Grills Witness Who Can’t Condemn Lying On FISA Application DC
 • First Hearing – House Select Subcommittee on Weaponization of Federal Government, Full Hearing Video CTH
 • Data Shows China’s Coercive Diplomacy Isn’t Working Ben Sando


 • The Project Veritas Coup @OldRowSwig
 • Katie Hopkins Explains the Background Issues of GBNews Against Mark Steyn Departure CTH
 • The Effort to Silence James O'Keefe @Muse


 • Where Was Nuclear Proliferation in Biden’s Speech? Move Along, Nothing to See Here Peter Brookes
 • Death Toll in Turkey/Syria Earthquake Climbs Above 20,000 – With an Estimated 6,500 Buildings Collapsed CTH
 • Wagner group seems to have run out of Russian prisoners to recruit John Sexton

Sci-Tech (courtesy BadBlue Tech News)

 • Fauci: now he tells us David Strom
 • The Dawn of Nuclear Energy Abundance Lea Booth
 • Whistleblower Pulls Back Curtain on Transgender 'Treatments' for Minors Katrina Trinko


 • Does Airbnb’s Ban on Conservative Filmmaker’s Parents Preview Chinese-Style Social Credit System? Jarrett Stepman
 • Our Children’s Children Will Study This International Crisis Triumph For Decades Earl of Taint
 • Get Out And Go Buy An Envelope. Diogenes


Average Joe Bro said...

The Biden administration's useful idiots can spin inflation, wages, fuel prices unemployment, job numbers etc any way they want. They can't spin the most basic fact that the vast majority of Americans ARE NOT HAPPY. Having to choose between either feeding your kids or heating your home or paying the rent drowns out all the happy spin talk. The American people fully understand that it's Biden's policies that are causing thier pain....

commoncents said...

BREAKING NEWS - Pentagon confirms "high-altitude airborne object" shot down in US airspace over Alaska | FULL