Sunday, February 19, 2023

Larwyn’s Linx: Mayorkas Thinks It's His Job to Decide 'Nation of Immigrants' Narrative Supplants U.S. Law

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 • Mayorkas Thinks It's His Job to Decide 'Nation of Immigrants' Narrative Supplants U.S. Law RS
 • The lies government will tell to force green energy Jack Hellner
 • Democrats Don't Just Want to Kill Gas-Powered Cars—They’re Coming for All Cars Pinkerton
 • Biden EPA Administrator's Bizarre Advice to Chemical Poisoning Victims in East Palestine RS
 • The White House & Public Health lied about natural immunity Vinay Prasad
 • Biden Administration Weaponizes the ATF to Shut Down Gun Stores M. Dowling
 • Eating Their Own in the Golden State Clarice Feldman
 • How parents shut down a children's drag queen show at a library Stream
 • What Kind of Military Does Our Country Need? Anthony Lentini


 • Minnesota Dems promote bills to ban gas-powered lawnmowers, chainsaws BPR
 • Department of Commerce appoints first-ever "Counselor for Equity" NTB
 • EV trip MI to FL took 12 charging stops and high anxiety Examiner

Scandal Central

 • Two Weeks After OH Toxic Chemical Spill, EPA Administrator Tells CNN Site Not Safe for EPA Workers CTH
 • Shock! WaPo lied about Elon Musk David Strom
 • James Clapper’s Disinformation Campaign Kimberley A. Strassel, WSJ [$]


 • MSNBC Gets Incredibly Weird as It Discusses 'Deprogramming' Fox News Viewers RS
 • Roald Dahl gets a politically correct rewrite John Sexton
 • The Reactions to Greg Gutfeld’s Super Bowl Ad Display Exactly Why They Are Losing to Him RS


 • Chinese Defector on ‘Leaked Audio Exposes China’s War Plans’ JW
 • He Did It Again – General Secretary Admits NATO Has Been at War Against Russia in Ukraine Since 2014 CTH
 • North Korea launches ICBM capable of hitting California Jazz Shaw

Sci-Tech (courtesy BadBlue Tech News)

 • White Castle collecting burger slingers' fingerprints looks like a $17B mistake Tobias Mann
 • From Apple Watches to Siri and the smartphones harvesting priceless information about our live Daily Mail
 • Why Space-Alien Invaders May Not Be a Big Threat Sondrak


 • Question: When Did You Start Really Paying Attention? CTH
 • Former President Jimmy Carter Enters Hospice Care DC
 • I've Been Down A Deep Rabbit Hole This Morning... Lots of Puzzle Pieces… Feral Irishman

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