Sunday, February 12, 2023

Larwyn’s Linx: Disinformation Inc: Meet those hauling in cash to secretly blacklist conservatives

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 • Disinformation Inc: Meet those hauling in cash to secretly blacklist conservatives Gabe Kaminsky
 • In the Aftermath of the Spy Balloon Josh Hammer
 • Fetterman Might Have Permanent Brain Damage, Chief of Staff Admits PJ Media
 • January Numbers Reveal Biden’s Border Plan One Big, Entirely Illegal Shell Game Swier
 • Pharma funded over 2,400 state lawmaker campaigns in 2020 StatNews (2021)
 • Hours After Being Assaulted, Dem Rep. Voted To Overturn Weakened DC Criminal Code DC
 • ‘Shaddup,’ the Government Said Clarice Feldman
 • U.S. Military Unable To Find Object That Caused FAA To Close Airspace In Montana DW
 • Baltimore's failing schools should be the biggest scandal in the country John Sexton


 • Report: Chinese Investors Own 384,000 Acres of American Land Eric Lendrum
 • California’s reparations proposals may carry a steep price for Democrats Turley
 • Conservatives must wake up to the threat of government-endorsed racial categorization Mike Gonzalez

Scandal Central

 • I Thought I Was Saving Trans Kids. Now I’m Blowing the Whistle. Jamie Reed
 • Why 65 Percent of Fourth Graders Can’t Really Read FP
 • Hunter Biden just made Republicans' investigation a lot easier Jonathan Turley


 • ‘It’s Awful How They Treat Minorities’: GOP Rep. Luna Rips ‘Completely False’ Washington Post Report DC
 • American Thinker blacklisted for 'disinformation' by groups funded by the Biden administration Rajan Laad
 • Why Did “60 Minutes” Celebrate Discredited Climate Alarmist Paul Ehrlich? CFIF


 • The vast scale of Beijing’s high-tech balloon programme Ian Williams
 • China Now Claiming It Has Also Intercepted a UFO RS
 • Iranian president to visit China in coming days — state media TOI
 • Turkey, Syria earthquake death toll surpasses 25,000 The Shill
 • Miranda Devine uses Turkey/Syria earthquake to EXPOSE climate change grifters/liars in 1 brutal tweet Twitchy
 • UK: Senior Rotherham councillors ‘knew and stayed silent’ about town’s Muslim rape gangs scandal JW

Sci-Tech (courtesy BadBlue Tech News)

 • Dems Go From Demanding You Use CLF Bulbs to Banning Them Granite Grok
 • City of Oakland systems offline after ransomware attack Sergiu Gatlan
 • "Magic" drugs restore lost memories & unleash hidden knowledge The Debrief


 • Neil Oliver Outlines the Weaponry of Words, as Used to Shut Down Truth and Hide Perversion and Corruption CTH
 • Freelancers Wanted: Help Knock Out the Mainstream Propaganda Machine Racket (Matt Taibbi)
 • Meanwhile, Over Alaska... Feral Irishman

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