Wednesday, February 15, 2023

Larwyn’s Linx: Report: East Palestine Railway Toxins Did Reach the Ohio River

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 • Report: East Palestine Railway Toxins Did Reach the Ohio River CTH
 • Hunter Biden’s Strategy To Defy Congress Invites His Criminal Prosecution Gregg Jarrett
 • MSU Shooter Arrested For Illegal Gun But DA Dropped Charges Against Him NTB
 • Can Democrats Solve Their 'Kamala Harris Problem'? Charles Lipson
 • Residents of East Palestine fear returning home following train derailment Daily Mail
 • East Palestine, Ohio residents demand urgent testing after toxic train wreck Daily Mail
 • DC's new anti-American, self-defeating social studies curriculum Ringside
 • Not A Single Student Is Proficient In Reading Or Math At 55 Chicago Schools DC
 • The Libertarian-Socialist Axis Edward Ring


 • By Forcing Electric Vehicles, Leftists Ensure Road Trips' Demise Federalist
 • Consumer Price Index Increases 0.5 in January, 6.4% Annual Inflation Rate CTH
 • Some EV owners getting a very unpleasant surprise about costs CBS

Scandal Central

 • New Report Shows Biden Team Has Been Lying From Beginning About Chinese Spy Balloon Nick Arama
 • After Briefing, Sen. John Kennedy Comments on UFOs CTH
 • Today’s blacklisted Americans: Religious pro-lifers prevented from viewing Bill of Rights Robert Zimmerman


 • Drag queen apologizes to JK Rowling after her lawyer gets involved (Update) John Sexton
 • Do we use social media—or does it use us? Nick Gillespie
 • No, Slaves Didn't Build This Country Brandon Morse


 • China ‘Brazenly Pushing the Limits to See How Far They Can Go,’ Homeland Security Chair Says Samantha Aschieris
 • U.S. Intel Watched Suspected Spy Balloon Take Off From China: Reports Daniel Chaitin
 • US Officials Point to Russia Using Iranian Drones in Ukraine Military

Sci-Tech (courtesy BadBlue Tech News)

 • FTC Commissioner Announces Resignation, Cites Biden-Appointed Chair’s ‘Abuse Of Power’ DC
 • Bird flu 'may mutate to kill more than 50% of humans' Daily Mail
 • The cholera vaccine shortage could increase the toll of the earthquake in Syria and Turkey QZ


 • The 2023 remastered 25th anniversary honest trailer for Titanic Honest Trailers
 • Investigation launched into UFO that air traffic control didn't detect TweakTown
 • Drugs can make you think stuff like that Feral Irishman

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Video journalist gives Tucker on-the-ground insight into the Ohio train derailment - Video