Tuesday, February 28, 2023

Larwyn’s Linx: Fauci Blames Attacks On China – Not China – For COVID Origins Impasse

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 • Fauci Blames Attacks On China – Not China – For COVID Origins Impasse Daniel Chaitin
 • No math involved in SF's reparations plan to give black residents $5 million each John Sexton
 • Migrant encounters at border hit 1,000,000 mark for FY 2023, outpacing prior year Fox
 • As Biden Wages War on American Coal, China Makes a Massive Move to It WJ
 • NY Dems sweating "extinction-level events" if Gov Hochul's budget proposals go through Beege
 • The Biden Admin Is Allegedly Shutting Down Gun Stores For Minor Clerical Errors DC
 • President Trump Announces Economic Agenda 47 CTH
 • The Fetterman Question Power Line
 • How Biden's 'Green Energy Economy' is Benefiting Left-Wing Billionaires WFB


 • New Biden ‘efficiency’ rule would ban half of gas stoves on the U.S. market WFB
 • Closing a US Jeep plant, Stellantis moves EV production to Canada Beege
 • Electric vehicle drivers get candid about charging: 'Logistical nightmare' ABC, Morgan Korn

Scandal Central

 • Dem Rep Denies Alleged Chinese Intel Ties, But Photos And Documents Suggest Otherwise DC
 • Proof Kari Lake lost her election and that Republicans are election deniers Dom Lucre | Breaker of Narratives
 • Whistleblower threatening to "name names" in Biden Inc. Jazz Shaw
 • Government-Funded Group Blacklisted Sites Giving Daylight to COVID Lab-Leak Theory RS
 • Texas and Oklahoma Sue HHS: WHO Pandemic Treaty Usurps US Authority M. Dowling
 • Pelosi Congress Claims Sovereign Immunity in Federal Court to Keep Secret January 6 Videos and Emails JW


 • Who Says It's Not Okay to Be White? RS
 • James O’Keefe Will Attend CPAC to Deliver Speech CTH
 • Six Great Moments In The Life of A Conspiracy Theorist! Emerald Robinson [$]


 • South Africa has collapsed. US embassy telling travelers to stock up on food and water. #Zombieland
 • The collapse of South Africa Jazz Shaw
 • Russian soldiers: We are being sent to the front lines 'to be slaughtered' John Sexton

Sci-Tech (courtesy BadBlue Tech News)

 • ‘Climate change’ blamed for 8000 gun deaths in New Study in Journal of the AMA Climate Depot
 • Another Doctor Who Got Jabbed Multiple Times Loses It Over COVID Diagnosis Matt Vespa
 • ‘Won’t be the last’: Expert warns of soaring grocery prices ahead as freight industry crisis explodes News.com.au


 • Rupert Murdoch's deposition looks pretty damning David Strom
 • Have the ancient gods returned? Naomi Wolf
 • Mask Up! ~OR~ Libturd Tuesday Woodsterman


commoncents said...

Chinese virologist tells Tucker COVID-19 ‘was not an accident’ - Fox News Video

Anonymous said...

The Naomi Wolfe article is spot on. People are beginning to notice the evil in the world. Some will choose The Way, The Truth and The Light. Others notice nothing 'new'. The truly evil will promote sin, death and destruction then criticize you for not going along. TimG