Wednesday, February 08, 2023

Larwyn’s Linx: Republicans Erupt, Call Biden 'LIAR' Over Medicare Claims

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Sibyl said...

Attacks on food and farms continue - and it's world-wide.

"Last week the largest egg processing plant in Connecticut burned to the ground kill hundreds of thousands of chickens. This week fire in New Zealand. It's not an accident the government's are doing this on purpose."

Are Climate and Animal Rights Extremists Infiltrating Food Processing and Production Facilities on Behalf of WEF?

The MUSEman said...


In 2022 approx. 475,000 laying hens were killed by facility fires.
Total number of laying hens in the USA in 2022 was 380,000,000.
(475/380,000)*100 = 0.125% of the total population.

Also FYI:
In 2022 approx. 52,700,000 chickens (laying and broiler) were killed due to avian flu.
Total number of all chickens in the USA in 2022 was approx. 9,600,000,000.
(57,700/9,600,000)*100 = 0.60% of the total population.

Insignificant numbers of fatalities (unless, of course, you were the chicken affected ;-)

One wonders if the higher prices are due to production running close to demand, companies engaging in profit-taking,...or, the increased inflation, deficit spending, and destruction of the fossil fuel industry by Joe Biden.

Final FYI:
Power production is the largest user of fossil fuels.
The manufacture of fertilizer is second.

Anonymous said...

Thanks MUSEman.

Many types of food processing businesses were damaged in the last couple of years.

Tucker covered this story -

Another story:

Another story -


OUT OF 610
ONE in China/Russia
FIVE in India,Japan, SE Asia combined
ELEVEN in Africa
TWO in the Middle-east
FOURTEEN in the EU/Turkey/Ukraine
FOURTEEN in Middle and Central America
THIRTEEN (?) in Canada
60 in the rest of the world - 550 in the the USA!