Wednesday, June 12, 2024

Larwyn’s Linx: 1984 in 2024: Orwell Was Right

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 • 1984 in 2024: Orwell Was Right Dan McCarthy
 • FBI Tried to Unmask Employee as Trump Supporter Matt Margolis
 • Eight ISIS Linked Illegal Alien Border Crossers Arrested in Philly, LA and New York CTH
 • Nice try, FJB Don Surber
 • Hunter Biden Convicted of 3 Felony Gun Crimes, Jury Deliberated for Three Hours CTH
 • Garland Whines in the Washington Post About Holding DOJ Accountable Katie Pavlich
 • No One Is Coming to Save You @ReadContra
 • Why Trump Personifies the Courage of Our Founding Fathers Douglas MacKinnon
 • A group of House Democrats steps up to try to stop Project 2025 and a Trump White House AP

Scandal Central

 • NIH Scrambled After Report On Fauci Beagle Experiments, Scrubbed Database, Then Fed WaPo Disinformation ZH
 • Federal court rules conservative kids have no free speech rights Robert Zimmerman
 • A State Dept-supported Ukrainian NGO adds me to its 'enemies list' Jordan Schachtel [$]
 • Tucker Carlson: FBI Security Clearances Issued Based on Political Ideology CTH
 • Hunter’s Conviction Is A Fig Leaf To Cover The Biden Family’s More Serious Crimes Federalist
 • Combatting Our Homegrown Enemy Ed Thompson


 • Ain’t Fooling Us T.L. Davis
 • Facebook Censoring Climate Dissent Again Power Line
 • Don’t Believe You’re Lying Eyes Power Line


 • At Jordan event, Blinken announces $404 million in new aid to Hamas JNS
 • What will be the impact of Gantz’s departure from the government? Caroline Glick
 • Macron calls on moderates to unite against far right in snap legislative election EuroNews


 • California’s billionaire utopia may not be as eco-friendly as advertised Andrew Paul
 • The Climate Crisis Narrative is Dead Blackmon
 • Mastercard Launches Its Biometric Retail Payment System In Europe, Using Poland As A Testing Ground ZH


 • 12 great songs about dads for Father’s Day John Ruberry
 • Wellness is a Gateway to Right-Wing "Fascism"? Robert W Malone
 • I Don't Know About Y'all, But I'm Kinda Enjoying It. Diogenes

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