Monday, June 17, 2024

Larwyn’s Linx: Democrat War-Mongers Want 18-Year-Old Women to Register for Draft

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 • Democrat War-Mongers Want 18-Year-Old Women to Register for Draft CTH
 • Rep. Anna Paulina Luna: DC Dems Discuss Replacing Biden Before General Election CTH
 • Joe Biden's Deterioration Shocked G7 Members Karen Townsend
 • A Government Big Enough To Away All Of Your Rights - And Your Life Ace
 • Pelosi’s split from Jeffries on Netanyahu invite prompts quiet backlash from Democrats The Shill
 • Joe Biden Appears to Freeze, Obama Escorts Him Off Stage During Star-Studded Fundraiser Breitbart
 • How Left-wing Conspiracies Work Victor Davis Hanson
 • GOP DA Rips Mayorkas’ ‘Inaction’ On Visa Vetting After Rash Of Migrant Burglaries DC
 • Supreme Court Erases Loophole That Kept Foreigners Inside The U.S. Illegally Federalist


 • The End Of The Petrodollar Is The End Of America’s Global Dominance Daniel Turner
 • Libs and Cons Live in Different Worlds, Buttigieg Edition David Strom
 • Billionaires Return to Trump as Biden Depends on Hollywood to Rescue his Campaign Karen Townsend

Scandal Central

 • Chicago’s Summer of Misery: Criminals emboldened over cop shortages, no-cash bail, and a Soros prosecutor John Ruberry
 • Guy Who Organizes Ballot Counting Says Election Results Will Not Match Polling CTH
 • Sunday Talks – House Intel Chairman Mike Turner Explains How He and IC Will Control Speaker and MAGA CTH


 • TDS becomes unprofitable Don Surber
 • Turley Applauds GOP, Blasts Garland For ‘Absurd’ Holding Of Biden Audiotapes Hailey Gomez
 • Former CDC Director: ‘Just a Matter of Time’ Until Bird Flu Pandemic with ‘Significant Mortality’ in Humans Breitbart


 • China's 170 Million Spy Balloons and other Venus Fly Traps Gatestone
 • ‘War with Hezbollah inevitable, but perhaps not imminent’ JNS
 • US warship Houthis claimed to have sunk several times does 'Taco Tuesdays' EuroNews


 • Brendan Carr: Not One Person Connected with High-Speed Internet with $42.5 Billion In Biden Infrastructure Bill Breitbart
 • 35 Bottles of 18th Century Preserves Unearthed at George Washington’s Home Breitbart
 • Remote workers using ‘mouse-mover’ technology are getting caught Verge


 • This Video of Pope Francis at the G7 is Really Something CTH
 • Sunday Smiles David Strom
 • Sunday Sundries and Memes… Feral Irishman

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