Tuesday, June 25, 2024

Larwyn’s Linx: Here It Comes

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 • Here It Comes Kunstler
 • The CCP Loves the Trump Verdict Stuart J. Cvrk
 • What Obama Is Whispering to Biden: A plan to save their legacy from Trump. Gabriel Debenedetti
 • Illegal crossings at northern border have spiked over 1,000% under Biden BPR
 • After Another Ugly Antisemitic Incident in LA, the Left Has Few Words, No Answers Jarrett Stepman
 • The Presidential Debate Should Expose a Fragile Biden Christopher Roach
 • Giving Teeth to a Finding of Contempt of Congress Zack Smith
 • It's Time for the DOJ to Prosecute Pro-Hamas Agitators as Domestic Violent Extremists Jennifer Van Laar
 • AOC draws Biden-sized crowd Don Surber


 • Senate Dems Threaten 'Tax Armageddon' Stephen Green
 • Inflation May Have Been Much Higher Than We Thought Pomp Letter
 • Meta Tries to Dissuade Instagram Users From Following Tucker Carlson While Claiming It Is Not Biased Jeff Charles

Scandal Central

 • Yes, welfare offices giving voter registration forms to illegal aliens, another ‘conspiracy theory’ that came true BPR
 • DOJ’s Kristen Clarke Hit With Criminal Referral, Ethics Complaints for ‘Perjury,’ ‘False Statements’ Mary Margaret Olohan
 • The Silent Insurrection: General Milley’s Hand on January 6 Declassified


 • Blob CNN Anchor Kasie Hunt Gets Randomly Unhinged About Upcoming Debate CTH
 • Debate Moderator Jake Tapper’s History Of Covering Up Biden Family Corruption And Scandal AMAC
 • CNN Could Be Forced to Pay Upwards of $1 Billion from Defamation Suit from Tapper Show Nicholas Fondacaro
 • Snopes has finally gotten around to debunking the ‘very fine people’ hoax Andrea Widburg
 • Inside Biden's Debate Prep: 16 Advisers and Practicing Standing Up Karen Townsend
 • "This Proved Our Point": CNN Anchor Slammed Over Mic-Cut Exposing Jake Tapper Lies ZH


 • Hamas May Move Headquarters to Baghdad David Strom
 • Hanegbi: Israel to introduce Hamas alternative in Gaza ‘soon’ JNS
 • French snap elections: Emmanuel Macron claims 'extremes' could lead 'to civil war' EuroNews


 • Julian Assange returns to Australia a free man to be reunited with wife Stella Daily Mail
 • Time Magazine Declares War on Pets Jazz Shaw
 • Climate Protesters Out Of Control As They Attack Stonehenge And Disrupt PGA Championship ZH


 • For Caitlin Clark, Adversity Leads to Triumph Armstrong Williams
 • Puck: Inside the Post Coup John Sexton
 • Libturd Tuesday ~ AM Woodsterman

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