Tuesday, June 11, 2024

Larwyn’s Linx: The real reason for the Hunter trial

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 • Biden and the Left Demonize Trump Supporters Christopher Roach
 • The real reason for the Hunter trial Don Surber
 • A 'Jew Exclusion Zone' at UCLA Lincoln Brown
 • You Won't Believe the Latest Stunt Biden Is Considering PJ Media
 • What Order? Biden Memo Instructs SoCal Border Patrol To Release Most Single Adults ZH
 • Four American Educators Stabbed In China ZH
 • How California became a warning to the world Joel Kotkin [Ed: #GhettoGavin]
 • Nancy Pelosi: ‘I Take Responsibility’ for January 6 Security Failures Matt Margolis
 • Democrat Nightmare: Armed Black Hartford Citizen Patrols Take to the Streets PJ Media


 • Will House Financial Services Committee Force CFPB Director to Answer for Mortgages-for-Illegals Push? AG
 • Billionaire Dan Pena: The Commercial Real Estate Collapse Is Coming Seton Motley
 • How Much Are Green Energy Policies Actually Costing You Each Month? Jazz Shaw

Scandal Central

 • A tale of two FBIs Tom Knighton
 • FBI Asked Co-Workers of Bureau Employee About Trump Support, Vaccine Beliefs Matt Taibbi [$]
 • Traitors: Some Canadian MPs Allegedly Worked With Foreign Governments John Sexton


 • Why I’m Backing Donald Trump David Sacks
 • Politico Laments That WhatsApp Isn’t Specifically Targeting Election Speech For Censorship Federalist
 • Liberals go Darwin Don Surber


 • Interesting Development Inside Hungarian Election Outcome – Transparent Activity by U.S. State Dept and CIA CTH
 • Life Hack: If You Don’t Want To Be Killed, Don’t Take Hostages David Harsanyi
 • Marine Le Pen says Jordan Bardella will be prime minister if “far right” wins election EuroNews
 • UNSC adopts US-backed Gaza ceasefire resolution JNS
 • For Sinwar, Gaza’s civilians are cannon fodder JNS
 • CENTCOM head, IDF chief discuss Gaza war, Iran threat JNS


 • Elon Slams Apple's Farcical "AI" Launch, Says Will Ban "Creepy Spyware" Devices If They Integrate OpenAI ZH
 • Rare Cancers: It Must Be the Virus, Because SURELY It Can't Be... David Strom
 • Leading Misinformation Expert Accused of Misinformation John Sexton


 • Bill Anders, the thoughtful astronaut who liked to go fast Robert Zimmerman
 • Audrey Hale Left a Suicide Note for Her Family (Plus 'White Nothingness') John Sexton
 • Libturd Tuesday Already? AM addition Woodsterman


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