Sunday, June 16, 2024

Larwyn’s Linx: Illegal Alien From El Salvador Arrested for Brutal Rape and Murder of Maryland Mother of 5

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 • Illegal Alien From El Salvador Arrested for Brutal Rape and Murder of Maryland Mother of 5 CTH
 • Dem-Run Sanctuary City Quietly Sending Illegal Immigrants To Red State DC
 • Detroit pastor praises Trump for visiting ‘the hood’ and slams Obama for absence Jenny Goldsberry
 • Military Draft Coming? Democrats Want To Automatically Register Men For Selective Service ZH
 • Chinese May Be 'Probing' American Military Readiness Through Base Breaches–Lawmaker ZH
 • Hunter Biden is his father's son Berenson
 • The Real Reason Johnny Can't Read: Bad Parenting Paula Bolyard
 • Lara Trump vows to prosecute anyone who cheats in an election: ‘We will track you down’ The Shill
 • A Great Week for Grassroots Conservatives in South Dakota @StuInSD


 • California Democrats at Odds With Cops, Businesses Over Bid to Curb Massive Retail Theft Rick Moran
 • Nicholas Kristof: Democrats Have Too Much Power on the West Coast John Sexton
 • Editor Daily Rundown: RNC Seeks Army Of Poll Watchers DC

Scandal Central

 • How non-citizens are getting voter registrations across US — and how Republicans are trying to stop it Josh Christenson
 • Jonathan Turley Shreds Merrick Garland: 'So Logically Disconnected, Even CNN Hosts Mocked' Him Mike Miller
 • Searching for the Truth About the Raid at Mar-a-Lago Julie Kelkly


 • This Is Why Democrats Are Panicking About Joe Biden Matt Margolis
 • The Media Plot to Question Trump's Cognition is in Full Swing Jazz Shaw
 • Schiff Attacks Millions of Americans With Vile 'Deplorable' Statement, Trump Nails Him With Mic Drop Nick Arama


 • Crew Abandons Sinking Bulk Carrier In Red Sea After Kamikaze Drone Boat Attack ZH
 • Responding to Hezbollah’s strategic offensive JNS
 • Ten IDF soldiers killed fighting Hamas in Gaza JNS
 • Coptic Bishop Sounds a Warning for the West. But Will Anyone Heed? Robert Spencer
 • Chinese Communist Party warns members not to criticise policy ahead of major economic policy meeting SCMP
 • Zelensky to present peace plan to Russia once agreed by international community France24


 • Why Policymakers Should Reject The IEA’s Silly Peak Oil Notions Blackmon
 • Going down the 'rabbit hole' of wearable blood-sugar monitors Holly Honderich, BBC News
 • Former CDC director predicts bird flu pandemic The Shill


 • The Week in Pictures: Stock Up on Crazy Pills Power Line
 • Thank You God, For Men. Real Men. CTH
 • Sunday Strip: Happy Father's Day Robert W Malone

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