Saturday, June 08, 2024

Larwyn’s Linx: Time to Jettison the Animals

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 • Time to Jettison the Animals Kunstler
 • Oh, Just Four Russian Warships Cruisin' on in to Havana Miami Herald
 • Transpsycho Who Killed 6 at Nashville School Bought Guns with Federal Grant Money Breitbart
 • Migrants pour across the US southern border — undeterred by Biden ‘crackdown’ Jennie Taer
 • Quotations from Chairman Joe Power Line
 • Kathy Hochul’s Shaky Governance John Ketcham
 • People Are Calling This “President Trump’s Greatest Interview” With Dr Phil CTH
 • American Prometheus Chained at Mar-A-Lago John J. Hopkins
 • Enter MAGA Environmentalism: To Save America this Election, No Issue is Off-Limits Saulius Anuzis


 • Cowering before Carbon - There is no greater transfer of wealth from poor to rich than this scam. Elizabeth Nickson
 • The Stinking Privilege of the Green New Deal Elizabeth Nickson
 • Trump Floats Putting U.S. Tariffs on Countries Refusing to Take Back Their Illegal Aliens Breitbart

Scandal Central

 • The Latest “Bird Flu” Death is “Covid” All Over Again Kit Knightly
 • Biden DOJ prosecutes doctor who blew the whistle on child mutilation “medical practices” Robert Zimmerman
 • Indictment Of Doctor Who Exposed Kids' Mutilation Proves No One Is Safe From Biden’s Weaponized DOJ Jordan Boyd


 • Biden to be Replaced come August Armstrong
 • Don’t Be Shocked If the Story About the Trump Juror Spilling the Guilty Verdict Ends Up Being Fake Matt Vespa
 • Bill Maher's New Rule for Pro-Hamas Activists on College Campuses Is Perfect Matt Vespa


 • Israeli forces rescue four hostages from Gaza JNS
 • NATO preparing for potential ground war with Russia -- including plans for US troops Post
 • UN to Israel: How DARE You Release Call of Us Shaming You TOI


 • Biden unveils latest attempt to kill off gas cars in bid to force all Americans to switch to EVs by 2032 Daily Mail
 • Toyota Has Developed A New Combustion Engine That Will Fend Off EVs For Years To Come CarScoops
 • Can Boeing Catch Up with SpaceX? James B. Meigs


 • Rental EVs: Such a Painful Experience, It Hertz Beege
 • Friday Funnies: $ettled $cience Robert W Malone
 • The Week in Pictures: Banana Peels Time Power Line


Anonymous said...

The refusal to release that Nashville murdering trans manifesto is on brand for lefties. It doesn't really matter what you call them, and they will cavil over the terms (lefty, liberal, proggie, Commie, Woke idiot, anti-human decency, lying insane scum) but the result is the same.

The British version was to avoid prosecuting the Rotherham Muslim groomers so that the poor dears and their communities didn't feel stigmatized. Rotherham was only one of several towns with similar crimes and lack of responses. See Oxford et al.

In the meantime, Nashville kids were murdered and Rotherham girls were raped and abused.
People who support such idiotic policies show the world that they will not even protect children. Millstones are too good for them.

commoncents said...

Israel rescues 4 hostages kidnapped in Oct. 7 Hamas-led attack - Video

Anonymous said...

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