Sunday, June 23, 2024

Larwyn’s Linx: DHS Group Called Being ‘Religious’ An ‘Indicator’ Of Domestic Terrorism

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 • DHS Group Called Being ‘Religious’ An ‘Indicator’ Of Domestic Terrorism Federalist
 • Will the Supreme Court Affect the Debate? Clarice Feldman
 • Pro-Palestinian Protesters Swarm Campaign Busses Of Democrats DC
 • The Anti-Christian Mind of the Democrat Party David R. Carlin
 • Imposing a Permanent Gag Order on Trump Daniel Greenfield
 • How a democracy destroys your rights D. Parker
 • Trump has stepped out of an Ayn Rand novel, fully formed Patricia McCarthy
 • Does Surging Support Among Black and Jewish Voters Mean Trump Might Win New York? LI
 • What This Big-Time Democrat Donor Had to Say About Trump Is Stunning Sarah Arnold


 • How They’ll Make Us Eat Ze Bugs Eric Peters
 • Los Angeles Will Require Photo ID For Homeless Luxury Hotel Living But Not Voting Federalist
 • Numbers Don’t Lie: Hydrocarbons are growing faster than alt-energy Robert Bryce

Scandal Central

 • Did “A.G.” Merrick Garland Violate the Constitution by Appointing Jack Smith as a "Special Counsel"? Shipwrecked Crew [$]
 • Biden DOJ defends convicted spy for Cuba in court against claims for restitution, judge agrees Alberto de la Cruz
 • Kamala Harris Is January 6’s ‘Dog That Didn’t Bark’ Jack Cashill


 • 20 Minutes with Neil Oliver Banned by Google CTH
 • Tin Foil Haturday: The Democrats Claim There Is No Lefty Pedo Cabal. Roll the Tape. PJ Media
 • Some Unsolicited Advice Roger Kimball


 • Netanyahu cites ‘dramatic drop’ in US arms supplies JNS
 • At least six killed after Russia and Ukraine exchange attacks EuroNews
 • South China Sea: Philippines’ anti-ship missile base puts Scarborough Shoal in cross hairs SCMP


 • Pentagon Lost Track of Money Sent to China for ‘Enhancement of Pathogens of Pandemic Potential’ LI
 • 'Cult Massacre': Disney massages the militant communism out of Jim Jones and Jonestown The Dossier
 • OpenAI Acquires Rockset and Highlights Where Generative AI is Headed Next Bret Kinsella


 • President Trump MAGA Rally – Philadelphia, PA – 7:00pm ET CTH
 • Post of Ripostes Bastiat’s Window
 • Sunday Strip: Anti-Fascist Blues Robert W Malone

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commoncents said...

Does the Trump Campaign follow Common Cents? Campaign opening up 19 field offices across VA and MN!