Friday, June 07, 2024

Larwyn’s Linx: The Broken Chain of Command

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 • The Myth That Biden Had Nothing to Do with the Prosecutions of Trump Victor Davis Hanson
 • The Broken Chain of Command T.L. Davis
 • The Most Obvious Political Gaslighting Effort in Modern History CTH
 • It's time for Biden to leave Don Surber
 • Biden Does Weird Stuff Again During D-Day Memorial in France CTH
 • FBI official 'colluded' with Democrat staffers on FBI whistleblowers: Judicial Watch JTN
 • Biden’s Border Order Does Nothing But Insult Americans’ Intelligence Helen Raleigh
 • Black Man Speaks the Truth. Democrats Pounce Rick Moran
 • Risking PR Disaster, Netanyahu To Address Congress On July 24 ZH


 • Wall Street Admits Biggest Economic Shocker: All Jobs In The Past Year Have Gone To Illegal Aliens ZH
 • Credit Card Delinquencies Spike Among the “Rich” Armstrong
 • A Second-Quarter Recession This Year Looks Increasingly Likely Mish Talk

Scandal Central

 • A Short History of Democratic Party Lawfare Francis P. Sempa
 • Judge Orders Trump Advisor Steve Bannon To Report To Prison for Defying Congressional Subpoena DC
 • Attorney General Merrick Garland Will Defy GOP Congressional Subpoenas Breitbart


 • The Silent Insurrection: General Milley’s Hand on January 6 Declassified with Julie Kelly
 • MTG Gives Fauci’s Beagle Torture Program New Oxygen Ben Bartee
 • Memo Shows FBI Discouraging Release Of Trans Killer’s Manifesto M.D. Kittle


 • Tucker Carlson Interviews El Salvador President Nayib Bukele – “Western Civilization is Failing”… CTH
 • Payback? Putin threatens to supply Britain's enemies with missiles so they can strike the UK Daily Mail
 • Thwarted terror plot puts Hamas’s Turkey HQ in the spotlight JNS


 • Dr. Fauci Coddled by Democrats During COVID Testimony While He’s Grilled by GOP Glenn Greenwald
 • New law grants US president power to block digital asset access CoinTelegraph
 • Backlash in mainland China over Taiwan comment by Nvidia’s Jensen Huang SCMP


 • Let us all beseech the blessings of the Almighty upon this great and noble undertaking. Diogenes
 • The Untold Story of a Secret Unit of Heroic Jewish Commandos in World War II Leah Garrett
 • D-Day plus one? View from Lady Lake

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