Saturday, June 15, 2024

Larwyn’s Linx: Behold the Monster You Created

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 • Behold the Monster You Created C.A. Skeet
 • Sick Of and Done With Kunstler
 • Biden Planning One of Largest Mass Amnesty Programs in History Bob Hoge
 • ISIS, Illegal Gangs, and Chinese Drug Slaves: Map Shows Open-Border Nightmare States PJM
 • Biden Tries to Send World Message That He’s Relevant, Important and Strong Leader CTH
 • Bowman takes a swipe at Hillary Clinton after she backs his opponent Hot Air
 • House Republicans Furious with Way Speaker Johnson Distributes Tenured Perks CTH
 • Leftist-Led Wisconsin Supremes Uphold Ban On ‘Voting Booth On Wheels’ For Now M.D. Kittle
 • Harriet Hageman Torches Jerry Nadler in Debate on Trump & Hunter Biden Cases Hot Air


 • 8 ways the Biden administration is working to increase gasoline prices Alex Epstein
 • Petrodollar: Saudi Arabia Ditching the Dollar Will Affect 3 US Sectors Juhi Mirza
 • IMF Digital Currency to Replace the Dollar Armstrong

Scandal Central

 • FEC Commissioner Blasts DOJ’s Silence as Bragg Contorted Federal Law to Get Trump NRO
 • Whistleblower: FBI official ordered to scrub anti-Trump social media posts before big promotion Times
 • This Week In Lawfare Land: What Happens Next? Federalist


 • 3 NYT articles worth reading Unsafe
 • The Washington Post's self-parody reaches new heights Berenson
 • MSNBC Legal Analyst and Law Professor Barbara McQuade Doubles Down on Laptop “Conspiracy Theory” Turley


 • An OPEN LETTER Herta Muller
 • Ukraine Rejects Putin's Peace Terms Jazz Shaw
 • AIPAC is an unhealthy force for both America and Israel Jordan Schachtel


 • The Fauci Conspiracy James B. Meigs
 • Bitcoin Is Infiltrating Public Company Balance Sheets Pomp Letter
 • Tech Insider Explains Why Some In Silicon Valley Are Turning To Trump ZH


 • The inside story of Israel’s dramatic Gaza hostage rescue Elon Perry
 • Highlights of the Week Don Surber
 • Friday Funnies: WHO's deep concerns Robert W Malone

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commoncents said...

Decision Desk HQ catches up to Common Cents Blog - - VA and MN are "toss up" or "battleground" states!!