Monday, June 10, 2024

Larwyn’s Linx: The Left Knows Leftism Doesn’t Work

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 • The Left Knows Leftism Doesn’t Work Victor Davis Hanson
 • The Bidens Are A Horrible Bunch Of People Derek Hunter
 • Facebook Post Sparks Debate Over Possible Mistrial in Trump Case Roger Kimball
 • Biden’s Border Security Order Is A Faked Political Stunt Monroe Harless
 • String Of Unanimous SCOTUS Decisions Confirms Proliferation Of Activist Lower Courts Jordan Boyd
 • Fauci Testimony Forces The Washington Post To Debunk Its Own Fake News Carina Benton
 • Biden Team Says Pro-Hamas Mob Has Right to Desecrate Statues, Threaten Jews Todd Starnes
 • Son of Hamas Founder Has a Warning for the Terrorist Group’s Sympathizers Sarah Arnold
 • Democrats’ Lawfare Proves Politically Impotent, Likely to Come Back to Haunt Them Josh Hammer


 • Credit card delinquencies are rising. Here's what to do if you're at risk KCRA
 • Report: $165 Million Luxury Apartment Building to Open for Los Angeles Homeless Population Breitbart
 • The Cost of Being a Green “Leader” Jonathan A. Lesser

Scandal Central

 • 'Journalist' Killed by IDF Held 3 Israeli Hostages in His Home, Wrote for US-Based Nonprofit Jennifer Van Laar
 • IDF CONFIRMS: All 3 Rescued Male Israeli Hostages Held by Gaza ‘Journalist’ Breitbart
 • What Happened When a New York Times Reporter Saw 2020 Revolution, Firsthand Katrina Trinko


 • Why Did CNN Say the Israeli Hostages Were 'Released?' Jazz Shaw
 • Nicholas Kristof: Biden is Right to Curb Immigration John Sexton [Ed: it’s not curbed at all]
 • The Rand Paul interview (part 1) Alex Berenson [$]


 • The Mannheim attacks reveal Europe’s impotence Ayaan Hirsi Ali
 • Sacre’ Bleu! – The French Peasants Have Revolted as Macron Dissolves Parliament CTH
 • Russia Officially Becomes World's 4th Largest Economy, Passing Japan Simplicius
 • Gantz announces departure from wartime unity government JNS
 • Will Al Jazeera face a reckoning over Hamas ties? Ashley Rindsberg
 • Does Biden’s framework pave path to ‘Hezbollah model’ in Gaza? JNS


 • NYTimes Hacked, Source Code Stolen BattleSwarm
 • Paxlovid doesn't help long COVID; The Biden Administration Gave Pfizer 10 billion dollars Vinay Prasad
 • Jensanity! Nvidia valuation tops $3T — until regulators and naysayers weigh in Silicon Angle


 • A Quick Bible Study Vol. 221: What the Bible Says About Forgiveness Myra Kahn Adams
 • Sunday Strip: Leaping Wombats Robert W Malone
 • Sunday Smiles David Strom


Anonymous said...

Lefties know leftism doesn't work.
They don't care.
As long as they have power, and some grift, all is good.
Principles went out of fashion in the Clinton Administration.
Or take your pick of bad Admins.

commoncents said...

AWESOME Hamas hostage rescue: Dramatic moment Israeli troops shoot their way into Gaza property

Anonymous said...

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