Tuesday, June 18, 2024

Larwyn’s Linx: Our "Intelligence" Community Is Fighting the Real Enemy: People Who Don't Like "Pride"

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 • Our "Intelligence" Community Is Fighting the Real Enemy: People Who Don't Like "Pride" Ace
 • The Unites States of Go Figure Kunstler
 • Illegal Alien Arrested in Rape, Murder of Maryland Mother of Five Virginia Allen
 • US vs. China: No Moral Equivalence Francis P. Sempa
 • Who’s the Big Money Bankrolling Pro-Hamas Protests in US? Surprise! Fred Lucas
 • Time to unmask the pro-Hamas thugs Jonathan S. Tobin
 • Joe Biden’s Migrants Grab White-Collar Jobs from U.S. Grads Breitbart
 • Migrant suspect in sex assault of 13-year-old girl in NYC park now in NYPD custody Post
 • Berenson v Biden gets good news Berenson


 • Budget and Debt Scenarios: Politicians Should Care Veronique de Rugy
 • Stablecoins & Artificial Intelligence Want To Save The US From Crisis Pomp Letter
 • "It's Just Not Right": Major Venues Now Punishing People For Using Cash Vs. Plastic ZH

Scandal Central

 • Is Illegal Immigration the ‘Great Replacement’? Armanda Simon
 • New Fraud Allegations Involving Fauci’s EcoHealth Grant Hard Facts
 • The Trump Defense In Florida Continues to Score Political Points By Baiting Special Counsel Smith Into Foolish Efforts Shipwrecked Crew


 • Bump stock case more than the 2A Don Surber
 • The Obama/Biden arm-grab was the moment everyone realized the president’s not fit for office Piers Morgan
 • Unfortunate – Charlie Kirk, TPUSA and Richard Baris Construct Push Poll to Influence VP Selection CTH


 • Live Fire Incident: Casualties Reported After North Korean Soldiers Cross Military Demarcation Line ZH
 • Russian President Vladimir Putin praises Pyongyang as he goes on rare North Korea visit EuroNews
 • Israel: Dozens of hostages held in Gaza remain alive JNS


 • Climate Catastrophism as Big Business Bad Cattitude
 • German Study: Vast Majority of People Will Grow Out of Transgenderism Within 5 Years Ben Johnson
 • NVIDIA Research Wins CVPR Autonomous Grand Challenge for End-to-End Driving NVIDIA


 • Quick Hits Ace
 • Their Angst is Starting to Show. Diogenes
 • It's Libturd Tuesday ~ AM Woodsterman

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