Friday, March 21, 2008

How Barack Obama missed it all

Larwyn provides us with the following anonymous email.

OK, I understand now!

After hearing Senator Obama's explanation I think it is perfectly clear what happened. I am glad the truth is finally coming out.

We take you to Barack Obama's church. A service is in progress.

Rev. Wright: "`And the lion shall lay down with the lamb' And all God's children will live together in peace and harmony."

Barack Obama stands up in his pew and makes his way toward the back, toward the bathrooms.

Rev Wright: "We stand for peace and harmony, for strong families and loving our neighbor..."

Barack goes out the door and it closes behind.

Rev. Wright: "Is he gone?"

Man in back row by doors: "Yes, Reverend!"

Rev. Wright: "Okay, and the white man runs this country and continues to suppress us! And Israel is evil! But Hamas is good! And don't you know that the CIA was behind September 11? We can never expect fair treatment in this land of oppression! We shouldn't sing `God Bless America` but G*d d**n America!"

The congregation cheers.

Man in back row by doors: "He's coming back! He's coming back!"

Rev. Wright clears his throat. The door opens and Obama comes back in.

Rev. Wright: "Änd as I was saying, we must heal this racial divide and all get along with one another in peace and fairness...."


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