Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Vanderleun spots Spitzers on magazine cover

American Digest spotted the Winter '07 issue of hoity-toity Boston mag 02138 (Cambridge's ZIP code, ergo Harvard's) with the following cover:

That's Client #9 with his current (well, I haven't checked the news lately, I think she's the current one) wife.

I've picked out some of the more streaming chunks of irony for your Spitzer stew of the day:

"To say that Wall softens his image would be to ignore the crackling energy between them."

"On the trail, Wall, who speaks with a subtle drawl, reminded voters that Spitzer is also a family man who likes to grill on weekends, wear sneakers, and watch NASCAR."

"...Asked if she and her husband take time together, just the two of them, Wall laughs. "With three kids and two dogs at the ages they areâ€"the ages they all areâ€"and our careers and community engagement, it's hard to say that we do."

Well, whatever time they were taking together, I think it is safe to assume that in the future, there will be less.

Hat tip: Larwyn

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