Tuesday, March 18, 2008

New career opportunity beckons for John Edwards

Consumerist reports that a new lawsuit involving Crocs™ and escalators is in the works.

Back in September we wrote about the hazards of wearing the popular "Croc" clogs on escalators, a combination that may have produced more than a few injuries all around the world. We heard about at least one case where the child's toes were ripped off when the shoe was sucked down into the escalator.

Now a family from Westchester has filed a lawsuit that claims that their child was "severely and permanently" injured in November 2007, when her Croc got caught in a escalator at JFK airport...

The Daily News asked the CPSC how many of Croc-related foot manglings they were aware of, but that agency "could not immediately say" how many reports it had.

This sounds like the perfect opportunity for Edwards. He'd be excellent at channeling the toes of a youngster.

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