Friday, March 21, 2008

Iraqis prefer present to past

A recent ABC News poll of Iraqis find that they, unlike some Democrats, do not think of Saddam's rule as the good old days.

70% Say things are “Good” today in Iraq
56% Say their lives are better NOW than before the war
71% Say their lives will be better one year from now
72% Say schools are better today
56% Say household basics are better today
53% Say crime protection is better today
39% Support the presence of Coalition Forces in Iraq
51% Oppose presence of Coalition Forces but only:
15% Say the U.S. should leave now
10% Say the U.S. should leave in 6+ months
8% Say the U.S. should leave in a few months
78% Reject attacks on Coalition Forces
99% Reject attacks on Iraqi Police
79% of all Iraqis support a united, centralized government...
70% Trust Iraqi’s Religious Leaders, followed by the Iraqi Police and the Iraqi Army.

By the way: jobs, real estate prices, overall commerce and average wages are increasing.

Shhhh. No one tell Harry ("Land Deal") Reid.

Hat tip: Larwyn

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