Monday, March 17, 2008

Obama's mentor, adviser and pastor: Israel "a dirty word"

Jeremiah "Reverend Inclusion" Wright weighs in on Israel.

Ace adds:

But you can count on Obama to support Israel. This is merely his "Crazy Uncle Jerry" who supports the Palestinian terrorists over Israel. It's got nothing at all, nothing I tell you, to do with Obama.

The American Thinker deconstructs Obama's lawyerly evasions on Wright.

Update: Michael Medved asks precisely the right question:

Hey, Barack — it’s either one or the other: either you were lying when you talked about your deep, soul-changing involvement in Trinity United Church of Christ, or else you’re lying when you say you never had any idea (until last week) about the crazy and offensive and sickening contents of the pastor’s diatribes from the pulpit.

Which is it?

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