Friday, March 14, 2008

Transcript from Merkaz Harav

A young frightened boy calls the Israeli emergency services after a Palestinian terrorist entered the religious school of Merkaz Harav and started shooting. 8 died in the shooting and 11 more were wounded.

This is a transcript of the call:

Boy: (whispering) have you heard of the shots being fired at the Yeshiva (religious school) of "Merkaz Harav"?
Dispatch: I can't hear you!
Boy: There's a terrorist at "Merkaz Harav"!
Dispatch: What's going on there?
Boy: There's a terrorist in the Yeshiva, shooting all over the place
Dispatch: Where are you right now?
Boy: We're hiding
Dispatch: Where is it?
Boy: "Merkaz Harav"
Dispatch: "Merkaz Harav" in Jerusalem?
Boy: Yes
Dispatch: And has the terrorist entered the building?
Dispatch: I can't hear you!
Dispatch: Hold the link. Don't hang up on me now.
Boy: Hurry up!!!
Dispatch: Listen to me. Help is on its way to you... Help is on its way to you right now. OK?
Boy: OK
Dispatch: Can you see... Do you know how many people got shot?
Boy: I heard screams
Dispatch: You don't know what's going on?
Boy: No...
Dispatch: Hold the line. Hold the line. Don't hang up. Where are you right now.

Caution: the accompanying video is graphic.

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