Friday, June 23, 2017

Larwyn's Linx: Fifteen Lawyers in Search of a Crime

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Fifteen Lawyers in Search of a Crime: Mark Steyn
Why the White House Is Reading Greek History: Michael Crowley
Sorry Ladies, You’re the Wrong Kind of Muslims: Thomas J. Craughwell

FBI Briefing On The GOP Shooting Couldn’t Have Been More Bizarre: Mollie Hemingway
Illinois Man Arrested For Threatening To Assassinate Trump: Breaking911
This Is What Hate Speech Looks Like: GayPatriot

The Scourge of White Nationalism: NavyJack
Bipartisan support for some gun proposals, stark partisan divisions on many others: Pew
Debbie Wasserman Schultz Accuses Top Obama Official of Lying: DC

The “Young Democratic Socialists” Club Calls for Beheading Republicans: Right Edition
A Solution to Illinois: Dave Blount
NYT: GOP Healthcare Bill Is Tax Cuts For The Rich Or Something: RWN


Senate's Obamacare Bill Is Primarily Designed to "Fix," Expand Obamacare: Ace
Senate Releases Healthcare Reform Bill – Only 142 (Easy to Read) Pages: Treehouse
Sears Canada Announces Bankruptcy; Fires 2,900: ZH

No repeal at all! Mark Levin interviews Daniel Horowitz: Chris Pandolfo
Judicial Watch Sues for Obama Family Travel and Secret Service Costs: JW
Day 2: Illinois House and Senate adjourn special session after only 23 minutes: Illinois Policy

Scandal Central

U.S. Ruled by Executive, Legislative, Judicial Branches… and Richard Cordray: Jon Cassidy
Mr. President, Meet Avner Shapiro: Saboteur From the DOJ Swamp: J. Christian Adams
Scalise Shooter 'Liked' the Terror-Linked SPLC, Which Repeatedly Attacked Scalise: Tyler O'Neil

Climate, Energy & Regulations

It’s Said That ‘97% of Climate Scientists Agree’ About Global Warming – But Do They?: Neil Frank


Most Americans (On All Sides) Now Agree Bias Infects The Media: Andrew Malcolm
John Oliver Slapped With Defamation Suit over ‘Last Week Tonight’ Takedown of Coal Exec: Ronn Blitzer
Can Nancy Pelosi Keep Power Now That She Has Lost Cher?: Toni Williams

Trump Haunts the Political Press: PPD
Elise Jordan Says Defending Trump ‘Like Hugging a Suicide Bomber’: Aidan McLaughlin
Harvard’s “black only” commencement: Paul Mirengoff

Josh Horwitz On Insurrectionist Rhetoric: Herschel Smith
Data: Media Covered Giffords Shooting Double The Scalise Shooting: Federalist
‘Meanness at the core:’ Obama jumps back into political fray to slam Trump, GOP on health care: WaPo


US Navy ballistic missile intercept test fails: DefenseNews
Refugees from socialism: The next migrant wave won't be from ISIS: Monica Showalter
Sweden: 150,000 women undergo FGM, authorities admit large areas under Sharia rule: JihadWatch

High Noon in North Korea: Is Trump Ready for War?: Gordon G. Chang
Special Forces Soldier Shatters Sniper Record – Kills ISIS Fighter From 2 Miles Away: Tribunist
Egypt’s police kill seven in connection to violence against Christians: Reuters

Defending Israel and Fighting Anti-Semitism: Daniel Greenfield
Integration Policy Flopping in Germany: AmInt
Swedish Police: 61 "vulnerable areas" are out of control: SPEISA

Sci-Tech (courtesy BadBlue Tech News)

Is the Universe Conscious?: NBC News
Are you ‘old’ yet? The cut-off has shifted: Futurity
WannaCry Virus Shuts Down Honda Factory for a Day: Bill Howard

China Leapfrogs U.S. in Critical Strategic Technology: Spengler
Amazon reveals plan for huge, city-center drone-delivery towers: Ethan Baron
NSA Insider Security Post-Snowden: Schneier


Leaker James Comey Spotted Entering The New York Times’ Office: GWP
Stevie Wonder: ‘Can’t Claim Black Lives Matter, When You’re Killing Each Other’: RWN
Canadian Gun Porn Friday: MOTUS

Image: Trump questions special counsel Mueller's objectivity
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QOTD: "The FBI’s briefing appears so contrary to the facts as to be insulting. When a man with a history of hating Republicans cases a location, takes pictures, verifies the targets are Republicans before opening fire, has a list of Republican politicians in his pocket, and shoots and nearly kills Republicans, it’s hard to swallow the FBI’s contention that the shooting was “spontaneous” with “no target.” The agency should reconsider whether it wants to troll Americans about something this serious." --Mollie Hemingway

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