Tuesday, June 13, 2017

THAT WAS QUICK: Reports Say Mueller Granted Comey Full Immunity Even Before Investigation Began

According to a report published at TruePundit, Special Counsel Robert Mueller has already cut an immunity deal with James Comey.

A high-ranking Justice Department official believes Special Counsel Robert Mueller has granted a complete get-out-of-jail-free-card deal for disgraced FBI Director James Comey: A coveted immunity deal in exchange for cooperating as a key witness.

“The immunity is a done deal,” a Justice Department source said. “Mueller can do whatever he wants. We (Justice) have no say but after many years working criminal cases I know Comey has been given immunity. You can tell by the way he is acting now and the fact that Mueller has kept us in the dark about his investigation.”

Special Counsel spokesman Peter Carr at Justice would not comment when asked to detail the immunity arrangement between Comey and Mueller.

There are at least six reasons Comey would want immunity:

  • Leaking other government documents to third parties including the media.
  • Inconsistencies in testimony that rise to the level or perjury.
  • Any role he played in the illegal surveillance or wiretapping of Trump during the election.
  • Any other crimes Comey may have committed during his tenure as FBI director, including his role in quashing the Hillary Clinton email investigation.
  • His role in unmasking Trump, Trump insiders and other Americans from FISA warrant intelligence.
  • Any violations of FBI employment ethics that would nullify pension benefits.

Thus far, over the course of the utterly fraudulent "Russian Colusion" investigation, Democrats have accidentally uncovered crimes by Obama's attorney general Loretta Lynch and his FBI director James Comey. And, as an added bonus, they may have also instigated brand new investigations of Hillary Clinton's suspicious activities.

So, by all means, let's continue this charade.
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Anonymous said...

That's good news and bad news:

a) it's the only way we might possibly get to the truth of things

b) he better watch his back (considering a)

To be honest, I'm not sure which is good news and which is bad news.