Thursday, June 15, 2017

Larwyn's Linx: Report: Comey Confronted Loretta Lynch Over Protecting Hillary On Emailgate

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Report: Comey Confronted Loretta Lynch Over Protecting Hillary On Emailgate: Hot Air
One Possible Solution: Christian Mercenary
Still Waiting for Trump to Pull Out the Big Guns: AWD

The 'Resistance' Goes Live-Fire: Ann Coulter
#Resist, They Said, And So Resist He Did: Melissa MacKenzie
Sanders Fundraised in '11 by Falsely Blaming Palin for Tucson Shooting: Alex Griswold

Lynching Free Speech: The Intolerant State of America: John W. Whitehead
Progressive Media Personalities Agree: Republicans Deserved To Get Shot: Federalist
When losing an election makes you lose your mind: Alicia Colon

20 Liberal Calls For Violence Against Conservatives in Quotes: John Hawkins
Another Democrat Has an "Open Tab" Problem: Ace
Agents Bailey, Griner Hailed as Heroes For Taking Down Shooter: Jodi Giddings


U.S. Mining Industry Releases Great News, and They're Thanking Trump: RWN
Illinois Republicans’ budget plan hikes taxes by $5 billion: Illinois Policy

Scandal Central

Trump being investigated for obstructing justice: Report: Anna Giaritelli
MSNBC Invites on "Analyst" Who Called for an ISIS Bombing of a Trump Building: Ace
My Hometown is Gone: Creeping


Ann Coulter Explodes: The Left is 'Trying to Incite Violence Against Trump and His Supporters': iBankCoin
Levin, Limbaugh rip media after Hodgkinson’s attack: ‘Assassination becomes mainstream’: Douglas Ernst
CNN Host Scolds McAuliffe for Bringing Up Gun Control During Interview: David Rutz

Political Violence Is A Game The Right Can’t Win: JacobiteMag
The Words “Flair,” “Brilliance,” and “Genius” Now Regarded as Politically Incorrect: Dave Blount
Sean Spicer Reminds MSNBC Who's in Charge: RWN

Shooter a Fan of Conspiracy Nut Maddow; Driven to Violence By Climate of Hate Pushed by Left, Media: Ace
WaPo "Writer" Hopes Scalise Will Die In Surgery: Ace
Hollywood A**hole: "Pick Up a Brick if Trump Fires Mueller": Breitbart


Obama’s Meddling in Foreign Elections: Six Examples: Steve Baldwin
Rex Tillerson fibbed about Palestinian terror payment program: CR
Never seen before: 6 photos showing Jerusalem's Mufti al-Husseini visit to Nazi camps: Geller Report

Sci-Tech (courtesy BadBlue Tech News)

Drug that creates a 'real sun-tan' could prevent cancer: BBC
Scientists are testing a “vaccine” against climate change denial: Vox
Say Cheese: Foxconn to build U.S. plant in Wisconsin?: PhoneArena


What aisle is the polish sausage in?: Woodsterman
Moonbats Want U.N. to Impose Global Ban on Cultural Appropriation: Dave Blount
Un-effing-believable sentence in the New York Times about Virginia shooting: Scoop

Image: Never seen before: 6 photos showing Jerusalem's Mufti al-Husseini visit to Nazi camps
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QOTD: "Hillary Clinton, the opponent, has announced she’s joining ‘The Resistance’, the resistance Mark Simone — a militaristic term. If Trump has lost the election and later turned around and said that ‘I am joining the resistance’, that would be a dog whistle for the militias, the right wing fascists, and in fact, we have left wing armed, masked, going around in groups, beating up conservatives, police being told to stand down, so that the left can beat up conservatives." --Ann Coulter


Anonymous said...

We are never going to free ourselves of this two tiered criminal justice system until somebody grows enough spine to arrest HRC. Here's how.

Anonymous said...

What dRATS ascribe to is the rise of the new Confederacy. Interestingly, in the Greek this word is defined as "unlawfully aligned".
Sounds about right. Alex Baldwin can be their General Garnett.