Friday, June 30, 2017

Larwyn's Linx: Progressives Are Outraged At The NRA For Pointing Out Leftist Violence

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Progressives Are Outraged At The NRA For Pointing Out Leftist Violence: Federalist
Scenes From a Collapse: Another ObamaCare Crisis Erupts In Nevada: Ed Morrissey
House passes Kate’s Law, as part of illegal immigrant crackdown: Fox

Illegalophilia and Islamophilia: Sultan Knish
CNN’s Latest Retraction Is Just The Tip Of The Fake News Iceberg: Mollie Hemingway
NYT Corrects Story Claiming 17 Intel Agencies ‘Agree’ On Russia: Holmes Lybrand

Melania Reminds Media The President Punches Back '10 Times Harder': WJ
Beware The Motives Of 'Progressive' Companies Acting Altruistically: Jonah Goldberg
Dissident Politics: The Z Man

Podesta Loses it on Air When Confronted With Russia Facts: RWN
In "Unprecedented Step" US Sanctions Chinese Firms Tied To North Korea: ZH
Stray Piece of Plastic Wrap Investigated as Hate Crime: Dave Blount


CBO: Treasury to Run Out of Cash in Next 3 Months: Ali Meyer
After Yet Another Crippling Breakdown, Cuomo Declares MTA State of Emergency: Andrew Siff
California Democrats Kill Bill That Would've Saved Billions Of Dollars, Says Economist: IBTimes

Scandal Central

Obama Choked on Russia Long Before the 2016 Election: Eli Lake
Blog: California Dems kill plan to audit Janet Napolitano's $175-million scandal: Thomas Lifson
Heartless Socialist Jane Sanders Tried to Evict Disabled People After Her Shady Land Deal: Sara Noble


Review: Mark Levin’s Rediscovering Americanism and The Tyranny of Progressivism: LI
Trump Supporters Teach Starbucks a Lesson: Paul Mirengoff
White House Spox Defends Mika Tweet: 'The American People Elected a Fighter': Breitbart


Present at the Destruction: How Rex Tillerson Is Cleaning Up a Bloated State Dept.: Politico
Paris Residents Unable to Sleep Through 'Intense' Overnight Mosque Loudspeaker Sessions: Breitbart
Video: Ex-Muslim explains the ways lying is allowed and encouraged in Islamic law: JihadWatch

Charlie Gard: Eurocrats Sentence Baby to Death: Dave Blount
Watchdog: Sarin Nerve Gas Used in Deadly Syrian Attack: VOA
German court: Sharia police may patrol streets: INN

Sci-Tech (courtesy BadBlue Tech News)

Fentanyl is so strong it's putting first responders at risk just by touching it: Circa
WannaCry: How We Created an Ideal Environment for Malware to Thrive, and How to Fix It: Jesse McKenna
The Origins of Human Language: One of the Hardest Problems in Science: Ancient Origins (2015)


Michigan couple, both 99, celebrates 80th wedding anniversary: ABC News
Men Are Just Happier People: Woodsterman
‘Looks like the Batmobile’: Has a Redditor discovered a UFO on Mars?: RT

Image: ‘Looks like the Batmobile’: Has a Redditor discovered a UFO on Mars?
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