Thursday, June 01, 2017

Larwyn's Linx: The Scandal Hiding In Plain Sight

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The Scandal Hiding In Plain Sight: John Hinderaker
Susan Rice, Flynn, Trump's lawyer subpoenaed by House Intel Committee: Todd Shepherd
Trump: Carter Page 'blows away' Democrat 'witch hunt': Melissa Quinn

Si Vis Pacem, Para Bellum -- Again: Ace
No one noticed the collusion conspiracy theory just ‘blew up’: Carlos Garcia
Should a Special Prosecutor be appointed to investigate Obama’s criminal behavior?: RWN

35 St. Louis-area convenience store owners indicted following federal raids: KMOV-4
After Losses, Democrats Struggle to ‘Un-Pelosi’ the Party: NTK
52 shot in Chicago over Memorial Day weekend marks progress: NY Daily News

On Atheism: The Z Man
The Supreme Court On Excessive Force: Herschel Smith
Democrats: Trump’s Crackdown Harming Kid’s Mental Health Or Something: RWN

Trump said Senate should end filibuster, insisting 'Dems would do it, no doubt': RWN
Chris Gaubatz on “The Threat of CAIR and the Muslim Brotherhood”: Jamie Glazov
Prominent Anti-Trump Group Received $20 Million in Government Grants: Joe Schoffstall

Scandal Central

Where is the special prosecutor for Hillary and Barack?: Jim Simpson
Vile Al Franken refuses to cancel appearance with Kathy Griffin: Brian Maloney
So what does Weiner have on Huma and Hillary?: Monica Showalter

Climate, Energy & Regulations

Al Jazeera Tweets—Then Deletes—Anti-Semitic Climate Change Cartoon: Brent Scher
Trump Expected To Announce Paris Climate Accord Decision Thursday Afternoon: RWN
Unprecedented thunderstorm hits Moscow, killing 16 and injuring 168: Watchers


Barron thought it really was his Dad: TMZ
Clinton Trashes DNC for ‘Mediocre to Poor,’ ‘Nonexistent’ Data Collection in 2016: Alex Griswold
CNN 'terminates' Kathy Griffin's hosting duties on New Year's Eve program: Fox

Today Hannity, Tomorrow Maybe You: Phil Valentine
Talk hosts band together against new era of censorship: Melanie Morgan
#StopTheScalpings announces Operation Fight With Fire: Melanie Morgan

Hollywood Blues: Worst Memorial Day for Box Office; Reviews Are Apparently to Blame: Ace
Seth Rich Family Sues Metropolitan DC Police for Information: Sara Noble


Israeli Trauma Experts Take the Lead in Treating Manchester Terror Victims: The Tower
Brexit GDP losses to dwarf Britain’s EU budget contributions: Samuel White
Palestinians Celebrate a BDS Fail: Aussie Dave

Sci-Tech (courtesy BadBlue Tech News)

Godlike 'Homo Deus' Could Replace Humans as Tech Evolves: Dan Falk
Amazon patents a shipping label with a built-in parachute: Daily Mail
Sony's Xperia XZ Premium puts 4K HDR in your hands on June 19th: Engadget


"I take responsibility for every decision that I make, but that's not why I lost.": MOTUS
A message of love from The Political Party of Peace: $.$. Halliburton
10 Things I Would Do If I Were Twenty-One: Art of Manliness

Image: In election blame game, it's time for Hillary Clinton to take her share
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QOTD: "The ... left loves to call conservatives fascists, yet there is nothing more fascist than shutting down people who dare utter something counter to your world view. That goes for both sides of the aisle. It’s one thing to simply stop patronizing a business because of the causes or people they support. It’s another thing altogether to launch a vicious e-mail campaign of threats and intimidation.

They’re coming for Hannity today. If they succeed, you may very well be next." --Phil Valentine

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