Saturday, August 11, 2018

DEMOCRACY DIES IN DARKNESS, INDEED: @NYTimes and @WashingtonPost Censor Latest #Spygate Revelations

Bruce Ohr was once one of the most powerful officials at the Obama Department of Justice. He reported to Sally Yates, who reported to Attorney General Loretta Lynch.
His downfall began when he became involved in a brazen attempt to fix -- and, later, overturn -- a presidential election.

While the details have been hazy around Ohr's involvement in the attempted coup, we do know he was demoted and reassigned multiple times. He now appears to be in the DOJ equivalent of Siberia. Why?

Ohr, on multiple occasions, met secretly with Christopher Steele and Glenn Simpson, the key figures behind the bogus Russian "Dossier". Furthermore, his wife Nellie was employed by Simpson's company, Fusion GPS, a fact he concealed from the DOJ.

Worse yet, Ohr met with Steele after the former MI-6 agent had been terminated by the FBI. Ohr reportedly continued to funnel Steele's bogus documents to the FBI even after the latter had been fired.

Three independent reports this week -- from The Hill's John Solomon, Sara Carter; and Byron York -- reveal Ohr's notes and communications with Steele and Simpson.

These new revelations make it clear that Simpson lied to Congress about his meetings with Ohr.

And the Ohr scandal has broken into the public consciousness with the news that Ohr will testify before a joint Congressional investigation on August 28th.

Now, with all of this breaking news, one would expect the world standard of news reporting to...


Well, certainly the authors of "Democracy Dies in Darkness" will report on th--....


The New York Times and the Washington Post are the modern-day equivalents of Pravda.

Read more at: The Timeline of Treason. Hat tip: @Julie_Kelly2.


Anonymous said...

The Left has no sense of honor, no obligation to the truth, the only thing they are committed to is power. They corrupt everything they touch. Recently there have been numerous articles on voter fraud throughout the nation. Our system is under more threat from internal voter fraud than Russian election intervention.

I also know my father voted a straight Republican ticket till the day he died for over 50 years, then he voted Democrat.

Anonymous said...

Woodward and Bernstein exposed Nixon's crimes and are helping to hide Obama's.