Thursday, August 30, 2018

Larwyn's Linx: Senior FBI, DOJ Officials Knowingly Withheld Conflicts From FISA Court

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Senior FBI, DOJ Officials Knowingly Withheld Conflicts From FISA Court: Epoch
“Bruce Ohr is Creating a Link for Us”: Jeff Carlson
Whistleblower Exposes Key Player in FBI Russia Probe: “It was all a Set-up”: Sara Carter

Trump Rips Marxist Democrat Running for FL Governor as ‘Failed Socialist’: David Rutz
WH Counsel McGahn to Leave After Kavanaugh Confirmation: Jack Heretik
Robert Mueller needs more time to decide to retry Paul Manafort in Virginia: Kelly Cohen

Illinois Dem: Trump and Osama Bin Laden Have ‘Tremendous Amount in Common’: Brent Scher
Flashback to 2006: Biden said about Delaware, "My state was a slave state": Marathon
Trump to campaign in Montana after polling shows tightening Senate race: Naomi Lim

The Case for Sessions' Resignation Grows: Roger L. Simon
Judge Dismisses all Charges Against Extremists From NM Terror Compound: CTH
New Poll Shows Majority of Americans Don't Want Impeachment for Trump: Chris Queen


Why Trudeau suddenly danced to Trump's NAFTA tune: Tom Rogan
GDP Second Quarter Estimate Revised Upward to 4.2%: Expanded Investment, Decreased Imports…: CTH
Blue-Collar Workers Increasingly Optimistic Under Trump: Haris Alic

Scandal Central

We Now Know FBI Used Clinton-Funded Research Document "To Secure A Wiretap": Tim Hains
Comey Lied About Searching Clinton Emails on Sex Offender’s Laptop - Report: Sputnik
Pentagon Whistleblower Says FBI's Russia Probe Was 'All a Set-Up': Debra Heine


Mark Levin: Trump Legally In "Good Shape," Unlikely To Be Indicted Or Impeached: Ian Schwartz
President Trump Highlights Severity of CNN’s Credibility Collapse: CTH
The Common Complain of Bias in the Media: Elephant


NATO: Russia Building up Naval Presence in Mediterranean: Jeffrey Cimmino
Palestinian Leaders Bet Future on Democrats and Trump Impeachment: Adam Kredo
Is Canada Prepared for the Threat of Returning Jihadists?: A. Z. Mohamed

Sci-Tech (courtesy BadBlue Tech News)

Leaks, Lawsuits, and Government Likely to Reveal Facebook Algorithm, Cyber Lawyer Says: Tyler O'Neil
The strength of gravity has been measured to new precision: Maria Temming
Tesla’s fleet internet network is down [Updated]: Fred Lambert


Ronsday - Next in Line: GoC
The Left's Long War on Conservative Free Speech: Michelle Malkin
There Is One Thing You Can’t Call Your Teacher: MOTUS

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QOTD: "I don't want to call [Michael Cohen's attorney Lanny Davis] a liar, but the story did not hold water...

Word of caution to the public who are trying to convict the president -- don't move so fast. I've seen no evidence of collusion after two years. Mueller is looking at it, we'll see what he says. But plenty of evidence of corruption at the DOJ and FBI, should be stunning. Not one Democrat seems to care.

Just, like, reverse the roles. Imagine if the Republican Party had paid a foreign agent to go to Russia to get dirt on Hillary Clinton, and they used it to get a warrant, never told the court about it, that'd be a front page story everywhere. That's pretty corrupt -- when the U.S. attorney and the DOJ lawyer say 'it's our job to stop Trump.' Could you imagine what would happen if they'd said 'it is our job to stop Clinton'?" --Sen. Lindsey Graham

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