Tuesday, August 14, 2018

Larwyn's Linx: WaPo and The New York Times Exposed as Complicit in #SpyGate

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WaPo and The New York Times Exposed as Complicit in #SpyGate: CTH
Civil War, Cool Maps, Censorship, and is Fort Sumter . . . Happening Now?: Wilder
Was Steele dossier’s ‘Russian intel source’ sitting in at Trump Tower meeting?: J.E. Dyer

Feinstein, Strzok, and the Sinister Russia Probe: Roger L. Simon
After Strzok firing, Trump says Clinton investigation should be ‘redone’: Chris Pandolfo
Here We Go: Peter Strzok Launches Twitter Account — And Online Fundraiser: Hot Air

AG Sessions orders review of DOJ’s ties to the Southern Poverty Law Center: RSR
Dem 'Gun Control' Candidate Shoots Campaign Treasurer: Daniel Greenfield
The violent Left is a serious problem, stop parroting their propaganda: Exam

Democrats' Best Laid Plans: Elephant
Trump Admin Builds ‘More Lethal’ Military, Expands Force by Nearly 16,000: Adam Kredo
10 Ridiculously Old Celebs Who Are Still Younger Than Nancy Pelosi: Andrew Stiles


Gallup: Democrats Prefer Socialism Over Capitalism by 10 Points: David Rutz
IG: Obama gave out $434 million in improper Obamacare payments: Robert King
Hospitals present a major roadblock to Medicare for All Act: Kimberly Leonard

Scandal Central

2016 Trump Tower Meeting Looks Like a Setup by Russian and Clinton Operatives: Lee Smith
FBI Agent Peter "Insurance Policy" Strzok Finally Fired From FBI: CTH
Over in Florida where Gubarev is suing Buzzfeed, they’ve filed to seal Anthony Ferrante’s testimony: @AlmostJingo


Jim Jordan Discusses Peter Strzok Firing: “It’s About Time”: CTH
Insane USA Today Rubes Run Editorial Calling for Abolishing the Presidency: Daniel Greenfield
This Week's Recap: Elephant


Has China been duping the US for nearly half a century?: Life, Liberty & Levin
China’s Intelligence Networks in United States Include 25,000 Spies: Bill Gertz
China's Secret Strategy to Replace America as the Global Superpower: Hooben

Pirates Making A Comeback With The Collapse Of Venezuela: Jazz Shaw
Netanyahu Blasts U.K. Labour Leader Corbyn for Attending Terrorist Memorial Ceremony: Paul Crookston
Can You Name the Muslim World’s First Secular Democracy?: Dan Peleschuk

Sci-Tech (courtesy BadBlue Tech News)

Big Tech Swings the Hate Hammer Again: Jim Goad
An 11-year-old hacked a government website and changed election results at DEFCON: Rachel Kaser
‘Please do not switch me off!’: WaPo


Is Hillary running in 2020?: Wow!
QAnon, The Chans, and Other Cryptic Stuff: Wilder
Without Identity Politics the Left’s Got Nothing: MOTUS

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