Monday, August 13, 2018

Larwyn's Linx: The Bruce Ohr & Christopher Steele Conversations

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The Bruce Ohr & Christopher Steele Conversations: Jeff Carlson
Who is Bruce Ohr?: Politically Short
A potential MOAB breakthrough: An Adam Waldman text to Mark Warner: REX

Democrats Want Race War: Douglas V. Gibbs
Keith Ellison denies domestic violence allegations: Naomi Lim
The Book About Racism That America Needs: David Marcus

Beware wishful thinking about Mueller's investigation: Byron York
Antifa Continues Assault String: BattleSwarm
#UniteTheRight2 organizer admits rally isn't actually American right-wing: @Ali

Bruce Ohr called on Christopher Steele talks: Times
MI Senate Primary Winner John James Offers Bright Future: Margot Cleveland
Conservative Journalist Laura Loomer banned from Facebook: Peter D'Abrosca


Shell game: Chicago may borrow $10B to pay off pension debt: Adam Schuster
Author: Sanders misunderstood study he used to tout ‘Medicare for All: Robert King
Firefighter Union Chief: Unions Need To Stop Pushing A Social Agenda: Neetu Chandak

Scandal Central

Devin Nunes: Clinton campaign colluded with 'nearly every' top official at DOJ and FBI: Daniel Chaitin
Democrat Congressman Keith Ellison Accused of Domestic Violence, There's Video Evidence: Chris White
Keith Ellison Accused of Vicious Abuse of Ex-Girlfriend by Her Son Who Has Video: S. Noble

Explain the Chinese spy, Sen. Feinstein: Marc A. Thiessen
On Omarosa: REX
Manaofrt Learns Encryption Doesn't Matter If the Feds Have a Warrant to Search Your iCloud: Matt Novak


Omarosa Should Face Charges: Bethany Mandel
A detached view of Trump: Don Surber
Ted Cruz Shows Cenk Uygur That He Should Thank Heaven That Cruz Ignored His Debate Challenge: RS

NBC Releases Portion of Secretly Recorded Audio of John Kelly Firing Omarosa Manigault: CTH
Boston Globe launches day of editorials against Trump: Karen Townsend
NBC Reporter Documents Antifa-Led #Charlottesville Protests — And Then They Turn On Him: Virginia Kruta


Mexican Radio to Beam Chinese Propaganda: Bill Gertz
Munich Olympics massacre widows brand Corbyn ‘cruel and malicious’: Justin Cohen
U.N. Says It Has Credible Reports That China Holds Million Uighurs in Secret Camps: Reuters

Sci-Tech (courtesy BadBlue Tech News)

Was Las Vegas Itself the Motive?: Howard Husock
Open Offices Are The Communism Of Seating Arrangements: Rich Cromwell
Drug Reciprocity Could Save Lives in the U.S.: City Journal


What We're Facing: @BennyJohnson
Barack Obama, Chicago mayor?: John Ruberry
NPR Confronts Omarosa For Contradicting Her Own Trump ‘Racism’ Claim: Chuck Ross

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1 comment:

Anonymous said...

Slightly O.T.

The MSM are trying to make Trump's appearance with bikers look bad.

Just imagine how upset they'd be if he flirted with a biker chick.

Nope. No double standard THERE. hahaha