Sunday, August 05, 2018

Larwyn's Linx: Dianne Feinstein Had a Chinese Spy at Her Side For Almost 2 Decades

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Dianne Feinstein Had a Chinese Spy at Her Side For Almost 2 Decades: Brian Cates
Why won't the media publish the name of Feinstein's Chinese spy?: Stealth Jeff
Trump inches closer to Mueller interview. Here's what could be asked: Gabby Morrongiello

The Disconnected Dots Between Meddling And Collusion: IBD
President Trump Meets and Surprises Jim Jordan in Ohio…: CTH
Americanization: An American Idea That Works: Pedro Gonzalez

The Media is Putting Republican Lives in Danger: Daniel Greenfield
Portland mayor has 'failed miserably', police union president says: OregonLive
Federal Judge Rules Against Trump in DACA Decision: Jack Davis


Trump: ‘Only fools would disagree’ with tariffs -- China is 'doing poorly': Joel Gehrke
Trump's Quiet Crackdown on H-1B Visa Abuses Works, Report Shows: Stewart Lawrence
Trump Supporters Concerned About Socialism: Charlotte Cuthbertson

Scandal Central

Mueller is a Terrorist: Raided Manafort for Documents Already Turned Over: James Ledbetter
What Judge Ellis Is Telling Us at the Manafort Trial: EIB
Paul Manafort's associate, 'star witness' Rick Gates 'may testify ... he may not': CNBC

Climate, Energy & Regulations

It’s Not Climate Change that is Fueling Destructive Wildfires: Elephant


Why Is The Mainstream Media Protecting Dianne Feinstein?: Jeff Dunetz
Sarah Jeong: 8 or 9 Racist Tweets? More Like 800.: BattleSwarm
NYT’s Sarah Jeong is ‘Crazy-nese’: Something Wrong With ‘Fortune Cookies Ling Ling is Eating’: Tamar Auber

Mark Levin: Jim Acosta Is A 'Clown' And 'A Drama Queen': Mike Brest
Levin: ‘Media Have Abandoned a Pretense of Seeking Objectivity for Ideological Activism’: Brady Kenyon
Don Lemon responds to Trump attack on LeBron: 'Who’s the real dummy?': John Bowden


North Korea demands sanctions relief before any nuclear concessions: Joel Gehrke
Jared Kushner's brilliant gambit to end Jordanian apartheid against Palestinians: Elder of Ziyon
Erdogan threatens sanctions for two Cabinet members: Joel Gehrke

The True Extent of Palestinian Hatred for Israel: Armstrong Williams
The Stakes in Syria Continue to Rise: Caroline Glick
The Trump administration targets Hamas: Caroline Glick

Sci-Tech (courtesy BadBlue Tech News)

Twitter’s Statement About How They Don’t Shadow Ban Kinda Sounds Like They Shadow Ban: Alex Griswold
Dear Krugman, Here are 7 Problems That Cryptocurrencies Solve.: Mark E. Jeftovic
Sex Neuroscientist Says Sex Differences Are Biological, Not A Social Construct: Federalist


‘Genuine Civil War Potential’: Matthew Continetti
How Many Times Do the Pączkis Have To Save Western Civilization?: MOTUS
Pre-LBJ, Clinton, Obama: C&S

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