Saturday, August 04, 2018

Larwyn's Linx: 12 times Christopher Steele fed false collusion stories to FBI after the election

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12 times Christopher Steele fed false collusion stories to FBI after the election: Byron York
Forget Russia, it’s Democrats undermining democracy: J. Peder Zane
FBI releases heavily redacted documents on Trump dossier author: Caitlin Yilek

Dianne Feinstein’s Personal Driver For 20 Years Was A Chinese Spy: Bre Payton
Six Times Obama Should Have Appointed Special Counsel: Matt Margolis
Democrats could pull off another special election upset in Ohio: Laura Barrón-López

More than 2 dozen arrested in NYC following a wiretap investigation: ICE
Federal judge says Trump must fully restore DACA: Aris Folley
RNC: GOP Must Increase Lead In Senate, House To Get Southern Border Wall Built: OAN

Steyer Slams DNC for Not Doing Enough to Promote Communism: Cameron Cawthorne
My Declaration of Incivility: Media Call Us Nazis: John Nolte
Rahm Emanuel Faces Backlash For Putting Illegal Aliens Before Citizens: Nick Givas


Levin: Why can’t socialists seem to answer this one simple question?: Nate Madden
Largest Share of Working-Age Americans with Jobs in a Decade: Joshua Caplan

Scandal Central

McCain Flunky Who Weaponized IRS Now Controls All Internal DoJ/FBI Probes: S. Noble
Mark Levin tells Trump what he should tell Mueller — scorching hot: Carmel Kookogey
Mark Levin: Mueller 'Did Nothing' About Alleged Manafort Crimes as FBI Director: FNI

Climate, Energy & Regulations

Why they demonize carbon dioxide: Don Surber


The New York Times sets a new standard for identity-politics hypocrisy.: Seth Barron
The New York Times Must Explain Why Its Racial Double Standard Is Good For Society: David Marcus
Vox: Sarah Jeong Was Just Talking The Way Most People On The Left Talk About White People: John Sexton

WaPo Defends MSNBC Suggestion of Violence Against Huckabee Sanders: John Nolte
CNN Political Commentator Compares ICE to Slave Traders: Jack Heretik
Online Harassment Sufferer Sarah Jeong Hates Republicans and Cops, Too: Debra Heine


IDF strikes balloon launchers in northern Gaza Strip: JPost
Spain: American Tourist Attacked By Gang Of African Migrants In Barcelona: InfLib
Jeremy Corbyn’s cut and paste job: Steerpike

Sci-Tech (courtesy BadBlue Tech News)

In Just One Week, NASA Will Launch a Spacecraft to 'Touch the Sun': Meghan Bartels
Selling Millennials Home Insurance Is Lemonade’s Novel Pitch: Bloomberg
7 Streaming Shows that Prove We Don't Need Network TV: Lauren Spagnoletti


New York Times Stands By Recent Editorial Board Hire Joseph Stalin Despite Criticism Of Mass Murder: Bee
It Is Our Responsibility To Eliminate These Bothersome Invaders: MOTUS
Kubrick explains the ending of 2001: A Space Odyssey in rare video clip: BoingBoing

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1 comment:

GW said...

Question, Doug, regarding the redacted Steele documents. If I understand the timeline correctly:

According to documents just released today, 2-Feb. 2016 FBI memorializes telling Steele not to have anything to do with the media. And the FBI was paying Steele, though I am not sure from the produced documents if it went back to the Feb. 2016.

What the hell? That is months before anyone claims that there was justification for opening an investigation.

May 2016 -- Fusion claims that they hired Steele.

June 2016 -- The very first "intel memo" by Steele that is supposedly provided to the FBI

NYT claims that no investigation of Trump was opened until July, and then on the basis of an Aussie diplomat's claim that someone in the Trump team may have known about Russia having Hillary e-mails.

Am I missing something?