Monday, August 27, 2018

Larwyn's Linx: Lanny Davis now backtracks on Trump Tower info he anonymously gave WaPo

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The Second Coming: A Thriller... A child cloned from the blood on the Shroud of Turin has the potential to save the world—or destroy it for good.
Lanny Davis now backtracks on Trump Tower info he anonymously gave WaPo: Chuck Ross
We The People... For Dummies: USATR
96% of Google Search Results for 'Trump' News Are from Liberal Media Outlets: Paul Bolyard

Giuliani: When Mueller reports Trump’s innocence we'll admit he was ‘fair’: TruePundit
When Obama Mocked McCain: John Ruberry
New Mexico compound suspects planned to attack Atlanta's Grady Hospital: Ray Sanchez

More on Julia Salazar’s curiously shifting biography: John Sexton
The Democratic Party versus the Jewish People: Michael Lumish
ACLU Finds Clue, Backs NRA On Banks: BattleSwarm

Lanny Davis Now Reverses Claims on Trump Knowledge of any Russian Event: CTH
Brian Stelter completely ignores CNN's bungled report about Cohen and Trump Tower: Chuck Ross
Maria Bartiromo Interviews Darrell Issa on Multiple Subjects: CTH


Consumer Confidence “Unprecedented traffic... we’ve never seen traffic growth like this”: CTH
US and Mexico close to deal to update NAFTA: Report: Joe Williams
Starvation: America’s national crisis: Bob Livingstonf

Scandal Central

Leaked 49-page memo documents how George Soros is behind social media censorship: Alex Christoforou
The Impeachment Insanity: Jeff Crouere
FBI swarms family home of Jacksonville Landing gunman: Fox


After Trump’s “Worst Week” his approval plummets – I mean, barely changes: LI
Baltimore Sun Columnist Wants Reverse Fact Checks on Trump: We Should Just Assume He’s Lying: Amy Russo
The rise of the #Resistance GoFundMe grifter: Michael Tracey

Scott Adams: If Donald Trump Goes Down, Hillary Clinton Goes to Prison: Joel B. Pollak
Dinesh D’Souza Demolishes The Myth of the Southern Strategy: BattleSwarm
George W. Bush, Joe Biden to deliver eulogies at John McCain funerals: Naomi Lim


Report: Abbas to close banks in Gaza, cut off all salaries: Elder of Ziyon
Right-wing activist predicts trouble Down Under:
Canada Conservative Party recognizes Jerusalem as Israel's capital : JPost

Sci-Tech (courtesy BadBlue Tech News)

Landmark Seventh Circuit Decision Says Fourth Amendment Applies To Smart Meter Dat: Jamie Williams
#VerifiedHate: MB
The real reason startups fail: How the right distribution strategy can save your company: Jim Huffman


New York Times Called McCain Racist, Now It Uses Him to Attack Trump: Daniel Greenfield
Rare Ferrari 250 GTO Becomes Most Expensive Used Car in History: Matt Posky
Anti-Trump Rhetoric: The Sure Fire Signs of Pure Insanity: James Ledbetter

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