Thursday, August 02, 2018

Larwyn's Linx: Five mega-issues facing America.

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Iconic, liberal law professor Alan Dershowitz proves he is both prescient and intellectually honest.
Five mega-issues facing America.: John C. Wohlstetter
Prosecutor Tells Judge Ellis Key Witness May Not Testify in Manafort Case: CTH
Manafort was exonerated 8 years ago and Rosenstein led the prosecution: BizzyBlog

Rod Rosenstein: The Man With The Most Thankless Job In America: Brian Cates
Confirm Kavanaugh — The Judge We Want And Need: Gov. Jeff Colyer
I don't usually subscribe to the idea that Trump is playing 7-dimensional chess: John Sexton

Why Property Rights Matter: Tom DeWeese
FEC Complaints: Maxine Waters Reportedly Funneling $750k to Daughter: Jack Davis
Ocasio-Cortez’s primary win backed by Young Turks, George Soros: Glenn Beck

Democratic New York Attorney General Candidate Vows to ‘Prosecute ICE’: Alex Griswold
Divisive Haters: DNC refuses to play RNC in annual softball game: Katelyn Caralle
Flashback: Obama Killed That 'Permanent Democratic Majority' Stone Cold Dead: D&S

Trump sanctuary cities executive order unconstitutional, rogue court rules: Caitlin Yilek
President Trump Participates in Roundtable of Inner-City Faith Leaders: CTH
Cutting welfare to illegal aliens would pay for Trump’s wall: Paul Sperry (3/10/18)


Sec. Wilbur Ross Discusses The Need to Increase Trade Pressure on China: CTH
U.S. Workers Get Biggest Pay Increase in Nearly a Decade: Harriet Terry
The Impact of Trump's H-1B Visa Crackdown in 5 Charts: Deborah DSouza

Scandal Central

Mueller's Weaponized Justice System Should Scare All Americans: Bernard Kerik
Uh, What about Russia? Mueller seeking to press Trump about obstruction of justice: Diana Stancy Correll
Is Mueller turning a blind eye on Russia-tied democratic operatives?: Jordan Schachtel

What We Know About the Awan Scandal (Graphic): Epoch Times
Mueller team lectured by judge in Manafort case: Fox
FBI describes early-morning raid of Paul Manafort’s condo: Melissa Quinn

Climate, Energy & Regulations

EPA decides to keep and defend Obama's strict smog rules: Josh Siegel


NRA Shuts Down Establishment Media’s Outcry Over 3D Printed Firearms: Benjamin Arie
Hillary Clinton Teams With Spielberg on TV Adaptation of Women’s Rights Drama: David Rutz
Stanley Kubrick's '2001: A Space Odyssey' heading to Imax: LAT

What Jim Acosta and CNN don't understand about the angry crowds at Trump rallies: Larry O'Connor
Jim Acosta Remembers When Americans Were All on the Same Team: Jim Treacher
Hope You're Sitting Down: Pelosi Tweet on Wages Rated ‘Mostly False’: Jack Heretik

Morning Shmoe Cites Bogus Story About Migrant Child Dying While in Government Custody: Andrew Kugle
Corbyn Apologizes for Speaking at Event That Compared Israel’s Actions to Holocaust: Jeffrey Cimmino


Levin: Report of new Iranian military exercise is no joke: Chris Pandolfofs
Syrian Army Crushes Islamic State Pocket In Yarmouk Basin: BattleSwarm
Tommy Robinson Freed, Judge Hammers ‘Unfairness’ of Original Trial: Chris Agee

8 years later, Border Patrol agent Brian Terry's suspected murderer finally goes on trial: Anna Giaritelli
BDS Movement Claims Yet Another False Victory: Aussie Dave
Google plans return to China search market with censored app: sources: Reuters

Sci-Tech (courtesy BadBlue Tech News)

Hotel and Airbnb Prices Compared: Simon Kuestenmacher
The 3D-Gun Debate: Separating Truth from Fiction: David French
Instagram is an oasis in the social media wasteland — for now: Kristen Soltis Anderson


This pizza delivery guy stunned a family when he asked to play their piano: Fox
Mexican Nationals In America Get Caught Doing the Jobs Americans Won’t: MOTUS
Harrowing Story of Policewoman vs. “Gooned Up” Perp: BattleSwarm

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commoncents said...

"Death of a Nation" Trailer | Official Theatrical Trailer HD, In Theaters August 3

mtnforge said...

Charlie Reese wrote this barn burner. I’m spreading I around, it was given to me by others who are spreading around.
The greatest rant ever written.

Wow just Wow.

And the truth of it, is it any wonder why Mr. Trump then is able not only able to do what he is accomplished, but do things in hours what would take years, it it ever got done to begin with.
He is not one of the 545.
Neither are we.

And look who it is we are fighting…eachother.
Divide and conquer is the hallmark of the weasels in the swamp.

I hope we end up throwing the bums out.