Saturday, January 09, 2021

A LAWFUL DENIAL OF SERVICE: Are 80 Million Americans Truly Powerless Against Our New Twitter God?

Spotted on Gab.

Some folks have other ideas for lawful and peaceful pushback to Twitter.

What about legal actions, in spite of Section 230?


Hat tip: BadBlue Uncensored News.


Anonymous said...

True civil disobedience. Starve the SOBs.

Trialdog said...

Until now, the biggest lie was collusion. Now the biggest lie is incitement. For 3 and 1/2 years they said there was collusion. Now they say there was incitement. Is it too much to ask for a little evidence? Like a quote, or something?

Anonymous said...

Swamp Twitter by making tons of new accounts.
Might take some work, but force them to expend resources.

I personally want one account for each of my own genders, and I have many.
Play their game, using their rules.
Sue them at every chance Pro-se.
Don't pay a lawyer - the Federal Government must allow you to sue and provide you assistance and resources to do so.
Use them.
Each individual can and should sue them.
No, you can refuse to join a class action.

Unknown said...

Use Brave browser. Automatically blocks ads. You can let ads in either by company or based on the website your visiting. They have a feature to allow you to donate to websites that you block ads on if you so choose. It works on the website, but unfortunately the app. It's based on Chrome, so it will be a familiar interface for most.

Anonymous said...

On point comments especially about pro se suing.I just defended self/family against other shitfamily traitors using pro se and quickly learned to access law resources.Each state has free or slidingscale legalhelp and courthouses have legal is ok. As is Westlaw.There are many state legal wrbsites to give you protocols,statutes,case citation formatfor,case presentation. There are Constitution centers as well.Like to see Massive #s of classactions against fraudlying healthdepts,mayors,election officials,corp.s,you name it!Learn and use Foia as well as The Government Sunshine Act.Research the SEC,Patent office,Library of Congress,GAO,use and Lexisnexus.Any useful or controversial or Truthful info. Must be immediately copied onto thumbdrive as it will be disappeared and if you need to quickly hide or relocate the drive iy needs to be hideable.Do Not trust cloud.Use vpn and super secure end to end browser like brave or Tor. Also,if people know their neighbor or relative are working for fascist traitors,try to stop them from that.N.Y. People are trying to do this same united strike,workslowdown,boycott,harassment to cuomo fascists,they are pissed!! :-)