Tuesday, January 26, 2021

Larwyn’s Linx: The Left Wants to Transform and Nationalize Our Election System

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The Left Wants to Transform and Nationalize Our Election System: Jarrett Stepman
Release all violent illegals, now: email sent to ICE officials by Biden: Examiner
Biden faces border dilemma: Anna Giaritelli

House Democrats deliver impeachment charge to Senate: ST
Chief Justice Roberts Opts Out of the Impeachment Circus: Daniel Greenfield
Did Roberts decline to preside over the Senate trial of Trump impeachment?: Althouse

Fourth Turning Detonation: Jim Quinn
Biden Far Outpacing Trump on Early Executive Orders, Actions: Fred Lucas
Pennsylvania, Georgia Republicans Eye Election Changes: Tony Perkins

Confessions of a Deprogrammed Trump Supporter: Matthew Ehret
Grenell's Theory About Who's Running the Biden Administration: Leah Barkoukis
Seattle and Portland finally decide they don’t want rioting: Joseph Simonson


Let the Layoffs Begin!: Fox
New Mexico Voted for Biden by Almost 11%, Now Leaders Are Alarmed by His Oil, Gas Suspension: Jack Davis
Senate confirms Janet Yellen as Treasury secretary: Tyler Van Dyke

The Left Wants Unconditional Surrender, Not Unity: Stephen Moore
Biden Picks CA Labor Sec Julie Su, Responsible For $10B in Fraud Losses, for Deputy DOL: Jennifer Van Laar
Coal country's Sen. Capito takes up challenge of Biden's green agenda: Josh Siegel

Scandal Central

Liberal authoritarians like John Brennan are real threat to democracy: David Harsanyi
Russia Probe: Durham Building Indictments Focused On Top FBI Leadership: Trish Intel
Dominion Voting Systems files defamation lawsuit against Rudy Giuliani: Joseph Weber

New Evidence Implicates FBI Higher-Ups in Dishonesty of Anti-Trump Lawyer: Paul Sperry
Founder of #WalkAway Movement, Brandon Straka, Arrested For Participation in Capitol Hill Riot: CTH
DOJ Inspector General Announces Investigation into DOJ Effort to Influence the 2020 Election: CTH


Journalists Mobilize Against Free Speech: Armin Rosen
The Left Seeks Subordination not Unity: Jeff Davidson
Hunter Biden’s bagel run makes news – coverage of ‘big scoop’ floods social: Terresa Monroe-Hamilton

Eric Shartwell Tells Jake (From Fake Farm) Tapper He Did Nothing Wrong in Banging Fang Fang: RS
Rupert Murdoch, Accepting Award, Decries ‘Awful Woke Orthodoxy’: DNYUZ
Rep. Ted Budd Fights to Preserve 1776 Commission: Virginia Allen


Arms Control Policy Under Biden Not Off to a Good New START: Patty-Jane Geller
Biden’s Eviction of Churchill Bust Signals Weakening Ties With UK: Nile Gardiner
Ratcliffe: Biden's 'patience' policy towards China ignores intelligence: Jerry Dunleavy

Sci-Tech (courtesy BadBlue Tech News)

Why the New Covid-19 Variants Could Be More Infectious: WSJ
In net neutrality victory lap, Ajit Pai says Democrats admitted he was right: Nihal Krishan
Have 400,000 Americans Died of Covid-19?: Celia Farber


News Beaten: Stilton’s Place
Something Wonderful: For a Dancer by Jackson Brown with notes by Montaigne: American Digest
The Sads Of Missing The Second Term: Earl of Taint


Anonymous said...

Just a thought: Could the impeachment persecution of Trump be tacit recognition that he actually won the election and is the de facto President?

Average Joe Bro said...

So China makes our insulin? Hope they don't get into the gas business....